End Citizen United Front a Bold Move to Lawfully Repeal Dark Money Spending in National Elections

A new political action committee, End Citizens United, gathered over $2 million from small donors with an aim to raise $30 million for the entire U.S. 2016 Democratic Party candidates’ campaign cycle, according to communications director Richard Carbo.


The group’s goal is to have a constitutional amendment to repeal the Supreme Court’s decision, which gave rise to huge PACs in 2010 and opened up an opportunity for dark money into American politics. End Citizens United has seen more than 325,000 people sign their petition demanding the Senate to pass the controversial law. They hope to increase the numbers as the group partnered with “Ready for Hillary” and utilized their email list totaling four million people – a significant boost for its liberal supporters.


End Citizens United also endorsed 11 Democratic candidates, including Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, and former Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold. Carbo said his group is unlike others because they want to work with individuals committed to addressing the constitution amendment bill by getting the right people elected who could change the existing laws. The group also plans to create a mechanical spending arm to financially back the selected candidates through polling, television ads, and direct emails.


The End Citizens United’s aim of passing a constitutional amendment to topple the 2010 Supreme Court verdict is being met with some cynicism by campaign experts. A constitutional amendment must gain consent from two-thirds of the Senate and the House, and be approved by three-quarters of national states. Rick Hasen, a law professor, political scientists, and campaign finance expert at Irvine School of Law, UC, said that the easiest way of having the law changed, was getting a new Supreme Court judge who could swing the court’s balance.


Hasen further argued that End Citizens United serve a purpose in public awareness of the Supreme Court’s stand and keeps political pressure on the Supreme Court and political players not to worsen things. Carbo argued that $25-$30 million is a serious ad buy that could, in fact, impact a competitive congressional race.


About End Citizen United


End Citizen United was established in March 1st, 2015, as a Political Action Committee financed by grassroots supporters. They are devoted to opposing the catastrophic effects of Citizens United and restructuring the campaign finance structure.


They aim to prove to elected candidates, voters, and the press that the grassroots will vehemently fight the rising shamelessness of wealthy folks trying to buy elections. They hope that building a broad coalition towards campaign finance reforms will put pressure on lawmakers to act accordingly.


The group has since received 136,000 donations from grassroots support with an average $15 donation. They are based in Washington D.C and have five staff members: Senior adviser Valerie Martin, a former Sen. McCaskill 2006 campaigner, and Reed Adamson, who managed a 2012 victory for Illinois Rep. Brad Schneider.


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