Learning More About Civil Rights Attorneys

Many lawyers in America have made their career philosophy to fight for civil rights and freedom of speech. These lawyers help people that don’t have a significant voice in the legal system and sometimes are a target of injustice and wrongdoing because they don’t have the necessary conditions to hire a lawyer of quality.

These men are many times owners of their own legal firms and are groups of two or even three lawyers that work together to defend people suffering from preconception in America. Examples of groups that do this kind of work are teams that advocate for immigrant rights, freedom of speech, and overall, the human rights.

These lawyers and their partners can be found on websites like Lawyers.findlaw.com, where you can analyze and discover legal representatives that could help individuals struggling to have an attorney fighting for their case in court. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida

They can be searched by finding lawyers in the cities and states closest to where the client lives, or by researching the professionals that advocate for civil rights which are the best in the market, in searching websites like http://attorneys.superlawyers.com/civil-rights/.

A subject that enters this category with a lot of frequency is Police misconduct, where many people come to attorneys seeking for legal help because of law enforcers that have abused their power and made wrongful actions against them. It is one of the most common charges, and it is a very delicate manner as they are reporting someone from inside the legal system, thus requiring quality professionals to represent these clients.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, which are known for being the co-founders and owners of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, are another group that is known for advocating for civil rights and have an impressive track record of successful cases and grateful clients.

The duo is centered, more specifically, in fighting for the rights of migrants, which are always mistreated because of their different cultural origin or for being from another country. Often, officers abuse their power just because these citizens are not born in America, and it is one of the most frequent reports that Lacey and Larkin hear from their clients. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/relevant-links/

The team has created the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, which is dedicated to funding and supporting attorneys and law representatives that fight for migrants’ rights and try to soothe some of that injustice that is always seen in the American streets.

According to one of the partners of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, the group has managed to raise more than three million, and they are helping institutions all over America fight for hundreds of individuals with legal procedures in court that are very problematic. Because of them, many legal migrants have found justice and earned their right to stay in the country.

The group managed to raise a settlement money of $3.75 million, which resulted from their arrest on October 18, 2007. It happened when a Sheriff from Maricopa County, Mr. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, was under suspicious investigation from the duo and decided to arrest them and erase the proof.

This is how Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided to begin their funding foundation and have already helped hundreds of lives in America.

Arthur Becker Digging In On Biotech and Real Estate

According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker is a man with a vision and he is making great strides towards that as a managing member of Madison Partners, LLC. That firm is working with real estate and early stage biotech ventures in order to realize the potential of talented individuals who are able to capture the essence of their goals and sign up for the ride. Becker brings a wealth of experience from the businesses which he participated in before landing at his current position, and this speaks well for Madison Partners and their potential. Check out Perez Hilton for more info.

He spent a bit of time at what is billed as the “world’s largest digital newstand” or Zinio, LLC. That company now holds the rights to over 6000 leading magazines and publications, and the digital news must have been good to him because he just recently was able to purchase a 3 bedroom apartment in the heart of New York for $30,000 a month. Arthur Becker needed a more relaxed pad with a bachelor type of flavor now that he has divorced from fashion queen Vera Wang.

He shared in a recent interview that the field of cancer treatment through biotech is an area that really excites him, and it can be assumed that there will be a lot of investment in that niche as Madison Partners continues to grow and make a name for him. He is certainly correct that oncology is seeing a lot of innovation from talented research staff and initiatives, and so he will be able to have the feeling of giving back and helping society while at the same time trying to make profits from the movements.

Arthur Becker revealed that he is not completely immune to failure since he has tried many different business types in the past and not all of them have been successful. But, it is that type of energy which keeps things moving even in the slow periods, and it has given him the critical thinking necessary to be able to make better choices in the future. Madison Capital is definitely a firm that should be looked at closely by investors in the upcoming years. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

See more: https://angel.co/arthur-becker-nyc


Whitney Wolfe Is Changing The Way We Think Of Online Dating

The Hatch Lab Alumni
Whitney Wolfe is well known in the tech industry for her role in the creation of Tinder. 5 years later she’s wowing with her own app Bumble. Bumble stands out from the competition in a number of ways. For starters, it’s a distinctively feminist app aimed at empowering women.

Women are always the first ones to make moves in straight matches. The approach has made the app successful in keeping out problems such as sexual harassment and other apps are considering this approach.

Making Her Own Way
Whitney Wolfe is a fairly young CEO. She’s only 26 and she’s already led her own company and made a name for herself. From her beginnings as a tote bag seller to her release of an online dating app, it’s clear that she understands how to succeed in the real world. Bumble is an attempt to combine her business smarts with her sense of social justice. She is tired of the way the internet has enabled some of the crudest instincts of dating. To combat that she plans on doing everything she can to give women a way to filter that.

The Future Of Bumble
Bumble is now helping millions of people make matches and has resulted in hundreds of millions of hookups. For an app that’s been around for a mere 2 years that’s very impressive. However, this is not the end for Whitney Wolfe. She wants to do so much more with her app and she wants to do everything she can to help her app grow. Bumble is an experiment but it’s an experiment paying off. There is so much more left for growth and Wolfe understands exactly how she is going to reach her goals without any problem at all.

Hussain Sajwani Creates Luxury Buildings

Despite the fact that Hussain Sajwani family business, DAMAC, is based in Dubai, he has worked to make sure that he is doing everything that he can to help president Trump with the building needs that he has. This has given Hussain Sajwani the chance to make the right business connections and Donald Trump the ability to have a great time with the buildings that he has.

As the DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has created more opportunities for his company than many other people did for other companies in the past. For example, he was instrumental in helping Donald Trump with Mar-A-Lago which has been a very hot spot for the president and his family since the election.

It is something that he has been able to use quite frequently and something that has made a difference for the president and his family. Since Hussain Sajwani built it, he knows that it is something that is quality.

As the two were business partners in the past, Hussain Sajwani knows what type of business that Trump does. He knows that he is a very intelligent businessman and that he is able to do more than most others are able to do. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/dubai-billionaire-hussein-sajwani-ready-do-more-deals-trumps-n695566

This has made him one of the best options as a president and has also allowed him to show people what he is going to be able to do. Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC wants to make sure that Trump has the support that he needs in the Dubai country so that he will be able to do more with what he has and what he is going to be able to do in the next few years.

As far as DAMAC goes, their business is thriving. They have worked hard to get where they are and that has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are getting all of the help that they need.

It has also made things easier for them in the area that they are in so that they are able to make a difference for the people who are in other countries that they work with.

EOS: The Unique Lip Balm Brand

EOS is now a brand more well-known than Chapstick. Most people find the news shocking, yet impressive, noting the fact that EOS offered their lip balm for the first time just seven years ago. Over the years, women searching for a great lip balm have discovered EOS, and tossed the outdated Chapstick tube to the side. There is little wonder why EOS lip balm made such an impact on women.

The lip balm from EOS (evolutionofsmooth.ca) is made with the user in mind. In fact, EOS designed the lip balm after input from their intended audience. They made a lip balm that was all-natural, soothing to the lips, and far from bland, like the Chapstick tube. Plus, they added fun to the day with the inclusion of flavors that sends the lips into excitement 101. Choose from eight fun flavors of lip balm.

Selling more than one-million lip balm units per week, EOS proved themselves worthy of the leadership skills they’ve now acquired. From first use, the lip balms made a lasting impression, and women cannot stop using this product. https://www.costco.ca/eos%C3%A2%E2%80%9E%C2%A2-Lip-Balm-6-pack.product.100322342.html

The brand is the second-best lip balm company out there, followed by Chapstick and Blistex. Although Chapstick served its purpose, customers grew tired of limited options. They loved the rainbow of excitement EOS offered. And now, it shows just how much customers appreciated the unique lip balm. Try EOS for yourself. Visit your local Target or Walmart store, or head over to the Amazon online store.