Securus Technologies – Improving Safety Inside and Outside of Prison Walls

Securus Technologies is known to add to their long list of technology services that they provide to clients. The company has recently introduced a new service that allows prisons and correctional facilities to prevent use f contraband cell phones. It ensures that the prisoners are not able to make use of the network illegally. In addition to it, they can also collect data allowing them to identify the contraband cell phones that can be used to the investigators to solve crimes and prevent illegal activities inside the prisons.


Many other companies had tried to introduce such services before but were unsuccessful. Securus Technologies has the expertise and tech knowledge allowing them to give excellent results. The company has spent months on its research and were finally able to provide the services to their clients across the country. It allows only the authorized cellular devices to connect to the network and all others are blocked within the premises of the prison. This feature is customizable depending on the needs of the prison or correctional agencies.


While working with the prison as a guard, I have seen inmates using contraband cell phones to carry out illegal activities that are a threat to the society. When Securus Technologies introduced the Wireless Containment Solution, I was surprised at the results it brought us. We have also managed to confiscate many unauthorized cell phones inside the prison and catch the culprits red-handed. It has also made our prisons safer as the inmates are not able to connect with each other and make plans that are a threat.


Securus Technologies is one of the technology companies that invests a huge amount of money on research to find out ways to make prisons more secure. They have always introduced new technologies that make the lives of correctional officers much easier and allow us to spend more time with our families.

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