4 Ways to Get Rid of Fire and Smoke Damage by Aloha Construction

August 7, 2018
By Rel

Aloha Construction, recipient of BBB Torch award in 2017, offers fire and smoke damage tips and assistance services.

Securing Your Home

A home that has had a recent fire could be a target for thieves. One of the first steps to take is to make sure your home is secure to prevent further problems. You can work with the fire department to make sure all your doors and windows are locked. Fire remediation services from Aloha Construction can provide protection from the elements.

Making Sure the Home is Safe

After securing the place, get the property inspected by a trusted electrician and engineer. This can be used as a precaution to make sure the house doesn’t have any underlying problems. They will let you know if the structure is deemed safe to live in before you and your family return.

Odor Removal

After inspections and major structural damages have been fixed, your home is finally ready to be occupied again. But there can be the unpleasant odors, like smoke, that still lingers. Luckily there are a few ways to get rid of it, including DIY or calling Aloha Construction.

First place a fan in an outdoor doorway and face it inside to pull in fresh air in the house. While the fan is running, collect all the drapes, towels and bedding around the house. Wash them well to refresher them. The last part would be to deep clean the carpet. Carpets can hold on those unpleasant odors, cleaning them is a big step towards getting rid of it.

Clean Smoke and Soot Damage

There are a few ways to tackle this task. One way is the DIY method, where you mix your own solution and wipe down the wooden surfaces in your home. an effective solution can be made by mixing one gallon of water, one tbsp. of dish soap or shampoo and a little vinegar.

To get smoke and soot from the walls you are going to need a stronger solution to get the job done. This kind of solution can be found in stores, pick one up and follow the directions on the bottle.

The final option would be to call in the professionals. Like the ones at Aloha Construction. They offer free property inspections where they come to your home, asses the property and give you a quote, complete repairs and help you manage insurance claims.