Adam Milstein: Extending Opportunities and Encouraging Success Via the Donor Forum

July 24, 2018
By Rel

Adam Milstein is the type of individual who would rather see himself succeed and excel in unison with others around him as oppose to solely reaping rewards that cannot be of benefit to anyone else. As a businessman, he understands the critical nature of time and believes it to be a very valuable asset to prosperity. Therefore, instead of depending on others to step up and provide for the needs of the community, Adam Milstein has always felt obliged to take matters into his own hands by using his platform to positively influence and support those in deserving need.


Through his pursuit and passion for business, Adam Milstein earned degrees in both business and science which he later applied to become a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Hager Pacific Properties is a privately owned real-estate investment firm based out of Encino, California that specializes in the development and restoration of commercial properties. Nevertheless, as managing partner, Milstein’s role is to superintend the firm’s financial responsibilities and disposition. Furthermore, in addition to being very accomplished, yet highly time-consumed by the many tasks associated with his career, Milstein continues to drive himself to promote entrepreneurship among those in the Jewish community by remaining committed to acts of philanthropy.


Alongside his wife, Adam Milstein co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000 to educate and strengthen the cultural connection of Jewish Americans with their heritage. Likewise, in 2007, Milstein also founded the Israeli-American Council (IAC) that is comprised of Israeli-American business leaders that unite to provide support and establish relationships between the State of Israel and the American Jewish community. Moreover, as of recently, Adam Milstein made the decision to overextend a helping hand once more by setting up the Donor Forum. As intended by Milstein, the purpose of the Donor Forum is to speed up the process for pro-Israel organizational funding by allowing these organizations to express their business intentions/cause before a forum that has the authority to grant privileged access to financial resources. Additionally, all members of the Donor Forum are required to donate at least $10,000 per year to support these non-profit causes. Certainly, in having done so much for the Jewish community already through the creation of foundations and his newly developed forum, Adam Milstein believes in the idea that the amount of positivity society invests within our current generation will reflect the type of future we stand to inherit through the youth.