Alex Hern Predicts How Tomorrow’s Workplace Will Enhance Productivity

February 6, 2019
By Rel

Alex Hern takes a hard look at today’s safe workplace environment and the statistics of people who are no engaged is alarming. Up to half of all employees are no longer engaged with their work. This can only mean they are operating on autopilot. Fewer than 33 percent of employees have a passion for the work they do.  According to Alex Hern the solution is keep these workers engage through advanced IT.

IT tools can provide the essentials that will help keep workers on top of things. Alex Hern says this is especially true for millennials. This group makes up the largest portion of the workforce. This is also the group that is likely to display the most frustration. Alex Hern envisions tomorrow’s workplace as one that will enable workers to freely access the tools they need to get the job done. Tsunami XR software produces the virtual reality tools that are helping to make this vision a reality.

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