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Doing the Right Thing  For most of us, “doing the right thing” means doing the right thing when it is easy, or convenient, or doesn’t take too long.  For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, it means doing the right thing, period.    Founders of the Phoenix New

For most of us, “doing the right thing” means doing the right thing when it is easy, or convenient, or doesn’t take too long. For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, it means doing the right thing, period.

Founders of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, they dedicated themselves to exposing the wrongdoings of the self-named “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Nevada.

On the night of October 18, 2007, both journalists were arrested by deputies of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO). When the dust settled, the dynamic duo had been released, all charges had been dropped, and Maricopa County had settled to the tune of $3.7 million dollars. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter and Michael Larcey | Facebook

Of the settlement, they donated $2 million to establish a “Chair in Borderlands Issues” at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication to be name the Lacey-Larkin Chair. The rest they used to establish The Frontera Fund to “support groups that advocate for civil, human, migrant rights, and freedom of speech throughout Arizona.”

Throughout America, groups are working to do help others, these include:

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), whose purpose is “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person… .”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), fighting to make sure that individual rights and privacy continue to be protected in the age of electronic communications.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU), a non-partisan group, established in 1947, defending religious liberty in America.

The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), an alliance organizations promoting and protecting civil rights.

The National Urban League, working for equality for African-Americans.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), working to defend the civil rights of Latinos living in the United States.

The National Immigration Project is a network of legal advocates working to defend the rights of all immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The Innocence Project Works to exoneration innocent inmates by challenging wrongful convictions.

The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP), as the name states, works to abolish capital punishment.

The Gamaliel Foundation is an association of religious individuals and groups working for social justice.

The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) works to advance the rights of people with disabilities.

The AARP Public Policy Institute acts in support of issues related to the elderly.

The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) provides legal advocacy on issues that affect children and youth.

The National Research Center For Women & Families (NRC) upholds the health safety of women and children.

Families USA works to provide high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

Through these and other organizations, everyday people come together to help others and plant the seeds of hope.

Playful Life Beneful Dog Food Sold at Walmart

Beneful has a lot to offer in the way of dog food. They have dog food for all different types of dogs and ages and they also sell both dry and wet dog food types. If you have a dog that is extremely energetic and likes to play a lot and needs new food that will give him or her an energy boost than you should try Beneful Playful life dog food. Beneful Playful Life dog food can be found at Walmart for an affordable price that won’t break the bank. They also have multiple size bags of it so if you would rather buy a small bag to try it out with your dog you can.

Beneful Playful life can be found at Walmart in a 3.5lb, 15.5lb, and 31.1lb bags. The 3.5lb bag of Beneful Playful life would be the best size bag to buy if you just want to try out Beneful Playful life or if you are traveling somewhere with your dog, it costs around 5 dollars at Walmart. The 15.5lb and 31.1lb bag are good for keeping at home for daily feedings, which size bag you buy depends on the size of your dog and how long you want the bag to last until. The 15.5lb bag costs around 14 dollars at Walmart, and the 31.1lb bag costs around 35 dollars at Walmart. Beneful Playful life dog food is a dry dog food that is made with real beef and egg for dogs who are energetic or who may need an energy boost each day. Not only will Beneful’s dog food give your dog good nutrition but it will give your dog a protein rich nutrition for everyday strength that will last your dog’s lifetime. Don’t forget to look at your local Walmart for Beneful dog food.

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Dick DeVos: An American Man At His Best

Many people by now know the name of Dick and Betsy DeVos. In fact, the nation appears to be somewhat split by their opinions of this high profiled couple. An interview that was published on Philanthropy Roundtable’s website, however, shares some very interesting insight about this amazing couple.


The article was published a while back. It is an intense, and in depth, interview with Dick DeVos’ wife, Betsy. During this interview, Besty gives a detailed description of the various charitable organizations the couple have worked with. She also discusses the various organizations that they have started themselves. Mrs. DeVos also describes what prompted the wealthy couple to start focusing their efforts into education and education reform. Mrs. DeVos also gives her opinions on the various options of education that parents should have for their children. This includes charter schools, traditional homeschooling, and online schooling options.


Dick DeVos has also been a very active player in the political world. He has sat on several boards in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. These boards were created to help revitalize certain neighborhoods in the Grand Rapids area. Other boards Mr. DeVos sat on were implemented to improve the heath care facilities and options available to the residents of his city. In the 1990s, Mr. DeVos also sat on the Michigan State Board of Education and the Grand Valley State University Board of Control. He also ran for Governor of the State of Michigan in 2006.


Charitable organizations, various boards, and political affiliations are not all that make up Dick DeVos. He has also been a very active participant in the business world too. The son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos, Dick has held various roles in the family business. As the business grew, so did Dick’s job and responsibilities. From 1993 until 2002, Dick was the CEO of the company’s consumer goods distribution company. He was also part owner, with his siblings, of the Orlando Magic basketball team in the 1990s.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have been married for over four decades. They have seven children and multiple grandchildren. In addition to his various business roles, Dick is also a champion sailor and a well experienced pilot of both jets and helicopters.


For updates, follow Dick DeVos on Facebook.

MLB Fantasy: Best Lineup Options on the Waiver Wire

Pennant races begin to heat up, and many clubs are still looking for an addition. The waiver trade deadline is August 31, and we’ve put together a list of waiver wire players that should be in your MLB lineups. Play MLB fantasy on the new Fantasy Alarm.


Luis Perdomo, P, Padres: Perdomo has brought his era down substantially and has been able to sink the ball well enough to raise his ground balls consistently.


Ben Gamel, OF, Mariners: Gamel is a legitimate stolen threat and has the potential for double-digit home run power.


Rhys Hoskins, 1B, Phillies: An up and coming prospect, Hoskins hit .333 with 7 homers in Triple-A. Last season, he mashed 38 homers in Double-A and was able to cut down on his strikeout rate.


Ryan Schimpf, 2B, Padres: Comparable to Dan Uggla, Schimpf is a natural doubles hitter with home run pop. He is a risk but possesses high up-side.


Eddie Butler, P, Cubs: Glad to be out of Coors field, Butler’s main down-side is his low strike out rate. However, he is sure to pick up many wins simply because he’s on one of the best teams in baseball.


Jed Lowrie, 2B, Athletics: Lowrie is a solid contact hitter who will likely hit around a dozen homers, and walk at a high rate.


Hansel Robles, P, Mets: Robles has a mid-90’s mph fastball and potential closer stuff.


Kenny Vargas, 1B/ DH, Twins: Vargas has 25-30 home run potential that comes with a high strike out rate.


Jose Urena, P, Marlins: The hard throwing right hander has legitimate started stuff but needs to continue to master all of his pitches to remain in the rotation.


Jorge Soler, OF, Royals: Soler is a big time power threat if he can find a way to put it together.

Jim Tananbaum and the Need for Innovation in Healthcare

Jim Tananbaum has spent years working in the healthcare market, giving him insight into the business, culture, and an understanding of what does and doesn’t work. Through his firm Foresite Capital, Tananbaum has worked diligently to locate and nurture talent in the healthcare industry, making sure their businesses have a chance to compete in a competitive market and helping them meet their mission of providing quality options to patients in need.

With a background in investing, Jim Tananbaum comes to the healthcare world with a distinct perspective. As one of the founders behind GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Tananbaum focused on finding clients in need of medication. His business savvy in this market eventually led to a sale of the company for $1.6 billion. Having been tested in the business end of healthcare, Tananbaum went on to found Prospect Venture Partners, where he met with fledgling businesses in need of guidance and funding in order to succeed.

For Tananbaum, investing in healthcare ventures puts the onus on the investor to seek out talent. Many in the healthcare industry find it difficult to convey their business platform due to the scientific jargon that goes into making their healthcare product work, making it difficult to understand their business ambitions. Understanding this, Tananbaum works to remain abreast of advancements in medical research and can communicate with those working in their industry in a way that allows them to speak plainly.

While Tananbaum may know what to look for, he admits that it’s not always easy to find good investment opportunities in the field. According to Medium, investors rarely understand the development time needed for healthcare products, which makes questions about profitability difficult to analyze. This leaves many investors disinterested in the industry, so Tananbaum encourages those in the medical field to consider entrepreneurship. By turning to business, those with the knowledge of the field can have a better chance of getting medical advancements into production. And with so few medical experts willing to approach investors first, those who are enterprising have the opportunity to make their case before the competition.

About Jim Tananbaum:

Jim Tananbaum is an American investor and healthcare expert. Having graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, Tananbaum went on to co-found GelTex Pharmaceuticals, a successful biomedical company that was sold off for $1.6 billion.

Tananbaum has spent time as an investor and founded his own venture capital firm, Foresite Capital. Here, Tananbaum seeks out talent in the healthcare field and invests those businesses with the most promise of success.

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Securus Technologies – Improving Safety Inside and Outside of Prison Walls

Securus Technologies is known to add to their long list of technology services that they provide to clients. The company has recently introduced a new service that allows prisons and correctional facilities to prevent use f contraband cell phones. It ensures that the prisoners are not able to make use of the network illegally. In addition to it, they can also collect data allowing them to identify the contraband cell phones that can be used to the investigators to solve crimes and prevent illegal activities inside the prisons.


Many other companies had tried to introduce such services before but were unsuccessful. Securus Technologies has the expertise and tech knowledge allowing them to give excellent results. The company has spent months on its research and were finally able to provide the services to their clients across the country. It allows only the authorized cellular devices to connect to the network and all others are blocked within the premises of the prison. This feature is customizable depending on the needs of the prison or correctional agencies.


While working with the prison as a guard, I have seen inmates using contraband cell phones to carry out illegal activities that are a threat to the society. When Securus Technologies introduced the Wireless Containment Solution, I was surprised at the results it brought us. We have also managed to confiscate many unauthorized cell phones inside the prison and catch the culprits red-handed. It has also made our prisons safer as the inmates are not able to connect with each other and make plans that are a threat.


Securus Technologies is one of the technology companies that invests a huge amount of money on research to find out ways to make prisons more secure. They have always introduced new technologies that make the lives of correctional officers much easier and allow us to spend more time with our families.

Health Nutritional Supplements With IDLife

IDLife is a well known company that sells organic nutritional supplements for both nutritional and weight management purposes achieving fitness goals for their clients. IDLife abbreviations stand for individually designed life. Logan Stout is the founder of IDLife and started it in 2004 with its headquarters in Frisco, Texas. IDLife gathers personal information based on prescription medications, eating, drinking behavior, hereditary and medical history of an individual.

After the company has collected the necessary information, an assessment is conducted. The assessment is supported by over 7,500 third party peer reviewed clinical surveys allowing the experts to choose the appropriate program to solve the client’s need.

IDLife products are scientifically supported, and FDA approved. All consumable products from the company are made with the highest rated ingredients in the market. Some of the top ten IDLife products include:
• ID Life meal replacement shake
• ID nutrition vitamin for general wellness
• Appetite chews
• ID Lifesleep strips
• ID energy drinks & chews
• ID hydrate for Pre & Post Workout
• ID lean for pre& post Workout

IDLife has grown partnering with prominent business owners such as Jen Widerstorm Troy Aikman among others to enhance their business. Their recent partnership was with Garmin Fitness Company which benefits clients as they can follow up using the IDwellness mobile app. IDLife products are rated high above industry standard, clinically researched, and they are based on the customer’s nutritional profile.

IDLife is a company that changes the way people think about their health. Despite different nutritionists, doctors, and scientists working on the ID Nutrition for more than 17 years, IDLife has only been working for two years, and it is successful in the nutrition industry. With its different approach in the health and wellness sector, IDLife has earned very many clients from Texas and also from other states.

Instead of buying expensive detrimental supplements, IDLife provides affordable, safe supplements. Many people have become health conscious and are using IDLife products which have significantly benefited them. IDLife is determined to offer highest quality nutrition products and programs to help the society have a healthy life.

Julia Jackson: A Fresh Take on the Jackson Family Wines

With over 60 brands like Siduri, Novy, Chardenet, and its highest selling brand of super-premium wines – the Kendall-Jackson, there is no slowing down in the continuous success of the Jackson Family Wines.

As the company expands its reach to a new generation of wine drinkers, tapping Julia Jackson as its spokesperson is a no brainer. She pursued her graduate studies at Stanford School of Business after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Scripps College. Part of her responsibilities in the family’s company is introducing the Jackson Family Wines to aficionados around the world while working alongside the international sales team.

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Being one of the second generation proprietors of the Jackson Family Wines, she always had a strong affinity with wines; the Cabernet that thrives in Sonoma County is her preferred varietal. Growing up in vineyards throughout her childhood and now taking part of the role in maintaining the outstanding reputation of the family’s wine business, she has honed her craft from her lifelong dedication in learning every aspect of the family’s wine making business.

Also taking cue from her parents’ philanthropic activities, Julia founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in 2014. It’s a program that gives annual donations of $100, 000 to nonprofit organizations whose main focus is to help succeed women in their communities.

While Julia has the natural charm to rub elbows with the elites, her fresh perspective to the decades old business has provided significant contribution to the Jackson Family Wines’ heritage.

George Soros Becomes A Global Leader In Finance, Philanthropy, And Political Giving

The work of George Soros has made him famous in many different areas of the world for different reasons as he has fought to bring democracy and human rights all the people of the world. Soros founded the Open Society Foundations in his bid to develop a new way of developing a fair and open global society in a manner similar to that of his former mentor and philosopher Karl Popper; the Open Society Foundations takes up a large amount of the time of the man who started his hedge fund career with $12 million and turned it into more than $30 billion in managed assets for the Soros Fund Management company. Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros began his financial career by studying at the London School of Economics where he had arrived as a 17 year old refugee and worked as a waiter and railway porter to pay for his studies. Read more at Washington Times.

The understanding of how everyday people live has always set George Soros apart from his peers in the financial industry, and has informed his decision to look to the European Union as a sign of his successful the people of the world can become as they set out on their journey to become a much more closely aligned global community. Politico explains George Soros has recently missed out on attending his first ever Democratic National Convention at the age of 86 when he decided the political and economic situation in Europe became so difficult the founder of Soros Fund Management made the decision to remain in his office to monitor the political situation of the European Union; Soros was scheduled to attend the convention to watch his choice for U.S. President in 2016, Hillary Clinton receive the nomination for from her party.

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Forbes states George Soros has an estimated fortune of over $25 billion and has developed even closer links to the Democracy Alliance group of liberal donors he helped develop in 2005 when his $27 million in funding for the campaign of Democrat John Kerry in his attempt to defeat President George W. Bush’s reelection campaign in 2004 came up short. Soros has often been a major supporter of the Democracy Alliance and their work, yet rarely attends scheduled events on a regular basis as he has vowed to look for new and innovative ways of backing Democrat’s against the rise of President Donald J. Trump. The 2004 election campaign was developed by Soros to show his opposition to the Iraq War and the global policies of President Bush; many commentators have stated their belief that the position taken up by Soros in 2016 is similar to that of 2004 for George Soros, and continues to be as the hedge fund legend has become a major opponent of President Donald Trump and the policies he is creating at the leader of the U.S. Learn more about his profile at

Scott Rocklage-Savvy Business Man

Scott Rocklage has served as Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He was also President, and CEO of Nycomed Salutar, a company that makes biopharmaceuticals. He has lead the research and development of three FDA-approved drugs: Omniscan, Teslascan, and Cubicin. Dr. Scott Rocklage has over thirty years of management experience within the healthcare industry.

Dr. Rocklage received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Berkeley, The University of California and then went on to get his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT). His insight and knowledge have helped to shape the pharmaceutical industry. Teslascan and Omniscan are both drugs that are injected intravenously, they are used to make lesions of the kidneys and liver, respectively, more visible.

How has Dr.Rocklage been able to do so much? In a recent interview, with, Rocklage has said, “I am very well organized with regards to time management, calendaring and prioritization”.

5 AM Ventures

Rocklage has recently started a venture capital firm named “5 AM Ventures“. This venture capital firm funds biomedical start-ups in particular. Dr. Rocklage bets on the best companies he can find, some of them have come up with great products. The one that stands out the most is the needle-less injector, the Portal Prime. With the help of Dr.Rocklage’s firm, Portal Instruments was able to develop the Portal Prime. How does it work?

The Portal Prime delivers medication subcutaneously, intradermally, or intramuscularly. Rocklage  on LinkedIn.

I can definitely imagine this being widely accepted first by pediatricians. Along with being easy to use, The Portal Prime also has been designed to integrate itself with an online app that can be accessed by third parties, like doctors, pharmacies, and insurers. These third parties can have a record of the data gathered by the device, and save it for future reference. Having all the information on one app would also make patient treatment seamless since doctors would be able to track a patient’s progress from their phone.