Billionaire Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Is Not Afraid To Be The Trump Education Policy Enforcer

August 14, 2018
By Rel

Betsy and husband Dick DeVos are the heirs to two family fortunes. Dick’s dad started Amway. And Betsy dad was an automobile titan. The DeVos fortune continues to impact the school system in the State of Michigan. But the DeVos family also gives money to other organizations that can enhance the family’s national agenda. That agenda, according to people who know the DeVos family, is bringing Christianity into the public school system. They want to do that using a charter public school system that has roots in a for-profit education initiative.



The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation gave away more than $138 million from 1989 to 2015. Their donations to churches, leadership programs, and health and human services were strategic donation that support their education reform agenda, according to Michigan educators that oppose the DeVos agenda.



DeVos is a former Republican chairwoman in Michigan. She is also the former chairperson of the American Federation for Children. That group is a pro-choice advocacy group that wants to use public money to fund private charter school tuition using a voucher program. Now that she is the education secretary, DeVos is bringing her family’s education reform program to all 50 states.



When Betsy got the nomination, Trump knew Betsy was the person who could shake up the public school system. He thought she could turn the school system into a hybrid for-profit business with Christian earmarks. Trump knew her ideas were not well-received by educators, but her ideas fit into his plan to disrupt, confuse, and destroy the old public school model. The old model has lots of flaws but is still relevant.



Trump has his hands full dealing with other issues, so Betsy is Trump’s education policy enforcer. It’s safe to say DeVos is demonstrating her ability to act Trumpian and promote his quest to turn the education system upside down. Betsy is doing a good job for Trump. She cut public school funding, and she hired two former for-profit college executives who are on a mission to change the upper education system.



The list of bad decisions and poor performances during school visits and media interviews make Betsy the most talked about education secretary in modern history. She isn’t afraid to stand her ground and implement changes by cutting education department personnel and by rewriting the rules of higher education. Mrs. DeVos may not be the best education secretary on record, but she is the best secretary Mr. Trump has on board his sinking political ship, according to some of her supporters. Betsy is changing the direction of the American education system. She believes she is doing God’s work, and he’s got her back.


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