Campaign Against Large Political Funding By End Citizens United Committee

March 8, 2018
By Rel

The End Citizens United is a political movement aimed at changing the political system especially in campaigns funding in America. The change is to prevent the rich from buying elections thus preventing fair elections. End Citizens United was founded in March 2015. The organization has offices in Washington DC. The initiative for creating this group is to encourage natives to reject political influence in terms of money but rather to look for the reforms agenda of their politicians for the good of all. End Citizens United, therefore, became a Political Action Committee.

Tiffany Muller the President of End Citizens United is leading a growing trend of political change. Politicians rejecting PAC’s corporate financing. It has supported candidates for congress like Liz Watson and Matt Morgan among others. Including Democrats for Senate such is Beto O’Rourke. Conor Lamb is also advocated for as a candidate who has people’s interests at heart.

This will be a good way to advertise their main agenda. End Citizens United will encourage the support of the citizens to ensure reform for finance campaigns. The mission is to create a political balance of power, not only to the rich but to all.

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End Citizens United is financed by donors in the country who believe in their course. Their campaign is to ensure the courts take action to end ‘big money rigging’. The End Citizens United has to fund worth 14.5million dollars as of March 2018. The donations are expected to rise with increased awareness to reach 35 million dollars for this year midterm election. Its financial report is open to review on their website including its expenditures.

End Citizens United is financed by individuals who believe that the campaign to reject politicians who buy the votes to acquire powers to satisfy intentions for personal gain and not for the good of the voters according to This has created The Big 20 campaign. They are the Republicans who are not in support of issues that affect the people as viewed by the End Citizens United. To put an end to politicians who are elected to aid corporate interests of their financiers. This is to end the corruption of such organizations that finance a politician to be elected only to facilitate their own political favor.

End Citizens United feel that the Supreme Court ruling that special interest groups spend money on United States elections could create a gap. Corporations with ulterior motives can finance their candidate to political power. It thus means that organizations with money can buy political power to their advantage. End Citizens United campaigns against ‘one vote one dollar’ to ‘one man one vote’. Thus giving choice back to the citizens and not the corporations.