Jim Tananbaum Invests Hope In Mindstrong Health

Mindstrong Health has created a new neurological based AI platform be able to detect brain function through smartphone use. They just had their first round of funding and were able to raise $14 million in total, reveals patientdaily.com. The investors included Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, Optum Ventures and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund. This progressive technology monitors the interaction patterns in smartphones and uses that to watch the cognitive brain activity that is used while the smartphone is being used. This means that Mindstrong has the ability to predict mood, mental cognition, and digital biomarkers just by looking at a smartphone. This makes any menial usage of a smartphone useful and is more accurate than a reading that would otherwise be taken in a clinical setting.

This technology will greatly benefit the people who suffer from mental disorders and also revolutionize the current way in which mental health is understood. As it stands, scientists have only a limited amount of knowledge on the subject because it is not as easy as detecting blood pressure or taking a blood cell count. Mental health professionals are forced to rely on a subjective way of diagnosis and this technology has the potential to change that. Mindstrong Health is confident that this platform will be able to provide more accurate diagnosis and a better understand of the brain in general. This will allow the healthcare community to provide better treatment to patients.

Jim Tananbaum, experienced investor and healthcare innovator, is the CEO and founder of Foresite Capital. Foresight is one of Mindstrong Health’s biggest investors and they are excited about this new cognitive technology. Jim attended Yale, Harvard Medical, Harvard Business, and MIT. Jim Tananbaum then went on to work his way into the healthcare, investing, and entrepreneurial industries. He has 25 years of experience in pushing progress forward and supporting various franchises.

Jim was recently awarded by Forbes magazine when he was recognized for his experience as an investor and was added to their Midas List of 2017. He is interested in forward progress in the business sector of the healthcare industry and believes that Mindstrong has the potential to help patients and save money.

Check out Jim Tananbaum’s profile on Bloomberg and Linked In for more information.

Additional Reference: https://www.facebook.com/public/Jim-Tananbaum

Whitney Wolfe Is Changing The Way We Think Of Online Dating

The Hatch Lab Alumni
Whitney Wolfe is well known in the tech industry for her role in the creation of Tinder. 5 years later she’s wowing with her own app Bumble. Bumble stands out from the competition in a number of ways. For starters, it’s a distinctively feminist app aimed at empowering women.

Women are always the first ones to make moves in straight matches. The approach has made the app successful in keeping out problems such as sexual harassment and other apps are considering this approach.

Making Her Own Way
Whitney Wolfe is a fairly young CEO. She’s only 26 and she’s already led her own company and made a name for herself. From her beginnings as a tote bag seller to her release of an online dating app, it’s clear that she understands how to succeed in the real world. Bumble is an attempt to combine her business smarts with her sense of social justice. She is tired of the way the internet has enabled some of the crudest instincts of dating. To combat that she plans on doing everything she can to give women a way to filter that.

The Future Of Bumble
Bumble is now helping millions of people make matches and has resulted in hundreds of millions of hookups. For an app that’s been around for a mere 2 years that’s very impressive. However, this is not the end for Whitney Wolfe. She wants to do so much more with her app and she wants to do everything she can to help her app grow. Bumble is an experiment but it’s an experiment paying off. There is so much more left for growth and Wolfe understands exactly how she is going to reach her goals without any problem at all.

Richard A. Smith’s Career Accomplishments at Securus Technologies

Richard A. Smith has been a professional in the telecommunications sector for about four decades. During this time, Rick has been able to gain a wealth of experience as an administrator and has served many leading corporations. Smith is the incumbent president and CEO of Securus Technologies. He was offered the position in June 2008 and has led the company to make many significant accomplishments. Rick succeeded the office from Richard Falcone. He has an excellent academic background that has supported him to attain success in his career. The technology expert is an alumnus of the State University of New York and the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he acquired his first degree in electrical engineering and an associate degree respectively. Richard then enrolled at the University of Rochester where he was awarded his MBA.

Smith has been serving as telecommunications expert since March 1972 when he joined Frontier Corporation. The company is currently called Global Crossing. He has been rising in the corporate world over the years and was offered various administrative positions at Global Crossing. He had a chance to serve the firm as the chief information officer, Frontier Information Technologies’ president, network plant operations director, and Midwest Telephone Operations’ vice president. Rick later moved to Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he rose fast to become the CEO. He joined the telecommunications company in March 1999 and was its chief financial officer at that time. In October 1998, he was appointed COO of the firm and later became the CEO in 2000. Smith still serves Eschelon Telecom as its board member. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

The technology guru has shown his leadership expertise at Securus Technologies. He has led the firm in developing several state-of-the-art products that have bettered communications and operations in correctional facilities. Several law enforcement institutions in North America trust the company due to the cutting-edge technology products that it offers. The enterprise is devoted to making sure that all its products are innovative and exceptional. Rick Smith has been using his experience in guiding the firm to develop solutions that can suit the needs of the market.

Securus  products are used by law enforcement institutions in handling security, logistics, and communications issues. It is currently serving over 3450 penitentiaries that are based in both the United States and Canada. The technology firm was established in 1986 and has been developing products that fill various gaps in the corrections sector. Most of the organizations that have contracted Securus Technologies are located in Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. According to research, approximately 1.2 million inmates currently use the company’s services. The company has spent about $600 million in patents, acquisitions, and technology. Rick Smith believes that Securus Technologies offers unparalleled services to the corrections industry. Learn more articles at HealingMagic.Net

Flavio Maluf, President of Eucatex Says Britain’s Exit From The European Union Could Produce An Interesting New Partnership

Many of the economists that said the U.K. would fall apart after their departure from the European Union have to eat those words now. The U.K.’s Gross Domestic Product growth is better than expected, and the drop in the pound sterling has helped increase exports on economia.estadao.com.br. The Bank of England cut interest rates after the Brexit vote, and that helped boost the economy. Low interest rates in the U.K. are a positive sign. The housing market is still strong, and economists predict the housing market will stay strong in 2017. The British government wants to cultivate new trading partners, and the government also wants to increase business with non-European Union countries. One of those countries is Brazil. Brazil is the U.K.’s largest trading partner in Latin America, and the Brits want to keep it that way. But doing business with Brazil isn’t always easy, according to Brazilian entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf.

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of one of Brazil’s leading export companies, Eucatex. Eucatex is a Sao Paulo-based building material supplier. Eucatex sells products domestically and internationally, and the company continues to expand its product line in foreign countries. But Eucatex hasn’t sold a lot of products to the U.K. over the years due to Brazilian export regulations and the Brazilian tax structure. But Flavio Maluf thinks the Brexit situation will change the relationship between Eucatex and U.K. construction businesses, even though the construction business in Britain has slowed down since the Brexit vote.

The U.K. has always had a trade deficit. The Brits import more than they export and that won’t change, according to Maluf on eleicoesepolitica.com. But the U.K. and Brazil would benefit from a new bilateral trade agreement. A new trade agreement does not have to conform to European Union regulations, according to NYU graduate Maluf. Brazil ships less than two percent of its exports to the U.K. now, so there is room for radical growth if both governments can come to an agreement that works at http://www.segs.com.br/seguros/34138-saiba-com-flavio-maluf-como-diminuir-os-custos-tributarios-de-uma-empresa.html. Brazil’s President Temer thinks the U.K. will help pull his country out of the worst recession in more than 90 years.