Utilizing Securus Technologies is a Wonderful Option For Inmates and Their Respective Visitors

Securus Technologies is becoming widely known as being a program that many people are capable of benefiting from, as they’re not only able to communicate via video chat sessions with one another, but also one which is very convenient for visitors of inmates, as they’re no longer required to travel to the premises of correctional facilities to engage in visitation sessions with inmates. Such a procedure of visitation could be a hassle for some, especially if the correctional facilities is located somewhere that is a bit of a distance from their own home, or if there are appointment scheduling conflicts in which there are no ways for them to have a visitation session conducted during a time that is convenient for them due to their preferred visitation appointment slots already being taken up by visitors of other inmates.


Securus Technologies is being given a tremendous amount of credit for making our communities safer due to it being a program that’s been specifically developed to enable law enforcement officials to monitor chat sessions that are conducted by its users. This allows them to potentially solve crimes. Although it may seem that solving crimes through a video chat program in which inmates speak with visitors is impossible, it’s important for everyone to be aware of the fact that many crimes are occurring in correctional facilities. By allowing law enforcement agencies to have abilities of observing the videoconferencing chat sessions that take place between the immediate users of the program, they’re capable of solving illegal matters that may be discussed between inmates and the visitors that they communicate with through the program.


Securus Technologies is a form of communication that needs to be seen as a tool that helps everyone. Unfortunately, it’s a communicative platform that has yet to be installed and utilized in the communications systems/departments of every correctional facility. You can browse through a list of correctional facilities that have had the program implemented into their communicative systems by visiting the website that’s been designed by its engineers. It’s a website that’s easy to navigate through and contains many valuable pieces of information pertaining to the program.


Richard A. Smith’s Career Accomplishments at Securus Technologies

Richard A. Smith has been a professional in the telecommunications sector for about four decades. During this time, Rick has been able to gain a wealth of experience as an administrator and has served many leading corporations. Smith is the incumbent president and CEO of Securus Technologies. He was offered the position in June 2008 and has led the company to make many significant accomplishments. Rick succeeded the office from Richard Falcone. He has an excellent academic background that has supported him to attain success in his career. The technology expert is an alumnus of the State University of New York and the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he acquired his first degree in electrical engineering and an associate degree respectively. Richard then enrolled at the University of Rochester where he was awarded his MBA.

Smith has been serving as telecommunications expert since March 1972 when he joined Frontier Corporation. The company is currently called Global Crossing. He has been rising in the corporate world over the years and was offered various administrative positions at Global Crossing. He had a chance to serve the firm as the chief information officer, Frontier Information Technologies’ president, network plant operations director, and Midwest Telephone Operations’ vice president. Rick later moved to Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he rose fast to become the CEO. He joined the telecommunications company in March 1999 and was its chief financial officer at that time. In October 1998, he was appointed COO of the firm and later became the CEO in 2000. Smith still serves Eschelon Telecom as its board member. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

The technology guru has shown his leadership expertise at Securus Technologies. He has led the firm in developing several state-of-the-art products that have bettered communications and operations in correctional facilities. Several law enforcement institutions in North America trust the company due to the cutting-edge technology products that it offers. The enterprise is devoted to making sure that all its products are innovative and exceptional. Rick Smith has been using his experience in guiding the firm to develop solutions that can suit the needs of the market.

Securus  products are used by law enforcement institutions in handling security, logistics, and communications issues. It is currently serving over 3450 penitentiaries that are based in both the United States and Canada. The technology firm was established in 1986 and has been developing products that fill various gaps in the corrections sector. Most of the organizations that have contracted Securus Technologies are located in Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. According to research, approximately 1.2 million inmates currently use the company’s services. The company has spent about $600 million in patents, acquisitions, and technology. Rick Smith believes that Securus Technologies offers unparalleled services to the corrections industry. Learn more articles at HealingMagic.Net

Securus Technologies – Bringing Innovation In The World Of Inmates Communication

Securus Technologies is one of the most respected companies in the crime prevention, inmate communications and local technology, which helps the correctional sphere, investigative and law enforcement agencies. The company is known as one of the most innovative in the field and has over 600 patents to its name. Securus Technologies continues to invest millions into research and development in bringing technologies to life that would make the lives of inmates easier and work of law enforcement officers more efficient and safer.



Securus Technologies also has one of the best customer services in the field and recently won the Gold Stevie Awards for the best customer service training team beating over 2,600 participants from across the globe. Securus Technologies launches one new service every week on an average, and this continues to show the commitment of the company to bring something new to the correctional space. If you are looking for any inmate communication services, then Securus Technologies is the name you can trust blindly.



As an inmate myself, I know how difficult it is to stay in isolation, but thanks to the company’s full range of inmate communication services, it is much easier keep in contact with my friends and families. The video visitation service that was recently announced by Securus Technologies would now let my wife and me frequently meet online, without her having to spend hundreds of dollars to visit me. The use of technology to bring families of inmates closer to them is one of the biggest achievements of science as per my opinion.



The technology offered by Securus has also helped the law enforcement officials to keep the bad guys in prison in check, which has helped considerably in reducing the number of crimes in the correctional facilities. It helps make the communities as well as the correctional spaces safer and more technology oriented, which is a good thing going forward.