Coasta Rica and Wild Ark

Wild Ark is a Eco-conscious and conservation based company that aims to preserve the wild life and their habitats so that future generations can enjoy it. They travel the world looking for green belts that need protecting so that the wild life and nature can survive to be enjoyed my future generations of people as well as the animals who will be next to live in these beautiful places. The goal of Wild Ark is to educate people on the importance these “green belts as some call them” ecosystems are to the survival of our planet and every thing on it. Up coming will be a place that is Eco-conscious and conservation based that is a great travel destination. Learn more:


Islands, mountains, lakes, volcanoes and water falls are among some of the great attractions to see on a visit to Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a divers habitat of plants including but not limited to Orchids that support the wild life such as sloths, monkeys, reptiles as well as birds. Costa Rica is a beautiful tropical island setting with beaches and parks to explore and wild life to see all while not leaving a carbon foot print that will negatively impact the environment. Learn more:


One can also find other amazing Eco-conscious destinations with the help of Wild Ark if they go to The work that Wild Ark does is extraordinary. Founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, with the purpose of protecting what lush green forest and jungles we have left and to help people get reconnected to Nature.

Created by a group of conservationist including its Founders Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, Wild Ark is aimed to protect our wild life and Educate people as to the importance of said wild life. Together Wild Ark along with conservationist world wide can make our world a better place. Learn more:


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