Contributions of Wes Edens to the Success of Fortress Investment Group

April 29, 2018
By Rel

Wes Edens is an accomplished entrepreneur and a team owner. Wesley is one of the founding members of the successful Fortress Investment Group. Edens is a partner at Milwaukee Bucks and the National Basketball Association among others. Wes is also a proud owner of the FlyQuest. Edens completed his university education in 1984. It is important to mention that he attended the Oregon State University to study Finance and Business Administration. Three years after Edens left Oregon State University, he started working at Lehman Brothers. He served in the company until 1993. Later on, Wes became the managing director at BlackRock Investors. At BlackRock, he served until 1997. It is also worth noting that he headed the investment department. Edens’ great leadership at the company was quite outstanding thus leading to the successful private equity fund. Wes also worked at Infrastructure Investors LLC as the company’s chairman.

Wes is one of the people who founded the amazing Fortress Investment Group. The company was launched in 1998. Some of the founders of Fortress Investment include Robert Kauffman, Peter Briger, Nardone Randall, and Michael Edward. The Wall Street Journal praised Mr. Wes for his remarkable investment strategies and his innovative ability. Fortress Investment Group was publicly traded in 2007 thus making history. The founders of the companies then decided to make the company public. For $600 million, the company’s eight percent shares were sold to the public in the year 2009. Private equity, as well as publicly traded investment vehicles, were among the assets of Fortress Investments as of 2007. The assets of the company included 14 private equity funds, four hedge funds, and real estate vehicles.

Nomura Holdings made a great contribution to the company when they acquired 15 percent shares of Fortress Investments for $888 million. As a result, the Wes and other founders of Fortress who became paper billionaires. Edens is known for his helpful insights when it comes to corporate transactions. Mr. Edens led the operations that led to the purchase of Springleaf Financial Services which was initially known as AIG American General Finance. Later on, Fortress held the most number of shares of Springleaf Holding Inc. by 2015, the company was valued at $3.5 billion. Edens is the chairperson of Springleaf. Investing in Springleaf Financial Services was quite successful. Wes Edens got recognition for his immense contributions to the project. Not only is Wes Edens successful in business but he also loves his family. Wes has four children and is married to Lynn.

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  1. Quite outstanding the way that there is light on the personality that makes Wes really special and the work he does. After the survey, there is the same plans that business leaders must take into consideration from here as well. You can see really quickly that the weak point of this great man is his love for his family which makes him even in a better position.

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