DACA Fighting For a Permanent Solution with the Help of the Frontera Fund

December 13, 2017
By Rel

The members of the Republican Party who are known to be extremists have launched several attacks targeting DACA, an organization that assists immigrants to find the proper paperwork to co-exist in the United States of America. This organization mainly assists the youth who are qualified not to be deported with the proper paperwork to look for jobs or study in the U.S. They have a two-year renewable program. The immigrants are given access to social security numbers and, in most of the states, they can access the tuition fees offered by the state and a driver’s license as well.

The DACA program has benefited hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the United States and it was now at risk of termination. The plan was not to terminate the program at once but to have a facing off period where new members were not recruited and existing members could not get renewals. It was very worrying to the beneficiaries, DREAMers, of the program which had now been in service for 5 years. Despite the fact that it helped the immigrants, it was clear that it benefited the United States as a whole. More than ninety percent of the beneficiaries of this program were either working, studying or doing both at the same time.

The amount of money they channel to schools through the fees they pay and the taxes they also remit to the government are clear indications of the benefits of this program. The DACA beneficiaries have also worked towards getting better jobs and paying more taxes with their increased earnings. They invest a lot of money in education, purchasing cars and homes and others even starting their own businesses. The news was received with concern by many of networks and organizations that stand for the rights of the immigrants. DREAMers and other advocates have started to find ways to push back on the termination of DACA.

They have joined hands with other parties that support the immigrants’ rights such as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund towards a DREAM Act legislation which will be a more permanent solution for DACA. The Frontera Fund offered to guide and assist with the provision of information towards the fight for this legislation. DACA is determined to keep assisting immigrants to stand for their rights. With just five years of operation, they have benefited more than eight hundred thousand immigrants. The organization has been working towards their goal, standing for the rights of immigrants, and they are not willing to back down without a fight.