Doe Deere Shares Her Vision for Lime Crime

April 25, 2018
By Rel

The ethereal beauty and cunning genius of Lime Crime founder Doe Deere have propelled her small internet startup into the stratosphere of prestige beauty brands. Her unique colors and formulas have cemented her place there. But what’s next for the dynamic duo of Deere and Lime Crime? Doe recently shared her thoughts on this very subject with interviewers from


The Background

Doe Deere started with a degree in fashion design and a dream to pursue an online business. As Deere designed clothes for her website, she found she had trouble finding the colors she wanted, so she began making her own colors. This process quickly lent itself to the discovery of a makeup line in the colors that piqued Doe’s imagination. She quickly found that people responded best to her innovative makeup line.


The Marketing Strategy

When asked about the marketing that has made her brand famous, Doe Deere responded by sharing some of her favorite tips and tricks:


  • Don’t Be Afraid to Demonstrate- Deere credits her blog with her initial success. On it, she was able to demonstrate her products in a way that made her followers want to try them. With her unique and sometimes challenging colors, this strategy helped Lime Crime take off.


  • Contests and Giveaways Drive Buzz- Deere’s business Instagram account has skyrocketed to over 3 million followers. She credits her social media success to her use of contests and giveaways to keep her customers engaged.


  • Learn to Love Criticism- Customer input that isn’t always positive is a fact of life. Doe Deere suggests using negative reviews and complaints as a chance to refine your brand, and be sure to keep your social media responses open and professional.


  • Let Yourself Be Heard- Talking about the things that matter to you not only lets you share your ideas and perspectives but improves your brand, as well. Deere mentioned public appearances in support of young entrepreneurs as examples of times when she has been able to speak up in a way that helped her personally, as well as the Lime Crime Brand.

The Plan For The Future


Lime Crime has gone from a small internet niche brand to a prestige line sold in major big-box retail stores around the world. When asked what is next for her company, Doe spoke of the future with an eye to the past. She said she has always pulled from fantasy and fairy tale to create her colors, and that she looks forward to continuing that trend, bringing unique, imaginative, inspirational colors to women everywhere.


The future is quite literally bright for Lime Crime and Deere as they cash in on the success of their latest Alchemist line, full of magical colors and swirling special effects. And as Deere continues to bring innovation to color, she will continue to try to empower women to consider entrepreneurship for themselves.


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