Felipe Montoro Jens’ Report on the Meeting Convened by IDB Governors.

August 1, 2018
By Rel

On the 24th of March 2018, a meeting of governors of the Inter-American Development Bank was convened. The special meeting took place in the city of Mendoza, Argentina.

During that time Dyogo Oliveira, the Minister of Planning and Management categorically defended the rapid growth of private investments in Brazil.

Dyogo emphasized the need for establishing financial mechanisms which can leverage private investments in Latin America. He suggested that the International Development Bank should enhance studies that offer viable solutions to project risk management schemes.

Felipe Montoro Jens reported that Oliveira’s proposal was seconded by Luis Caputo who is the finance minister in Argentina. Caputo who is also the Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors, further added that Dyogo’s plan would go a long way in leveraging private investment for the Latin Americans. Visit on his twitter account for more updates.

Garrido is the current Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support in Spain. With his expertise, he detailed the flexibility of the markets in the region. He also priotized Brazil for the Spanish investment, Felipe Montoro Jens reported.

Oliveira insisted the need to explore new investment opportunities from the countries. He said this would only be achieved with IDB’s help. The minister further emphasized that the investments are needed to tackle the 4th industrial revolution.

According to Oliveira, the main obstacle was building roads and providing enough water concurrently. He defended the need to invest in super infrastructure to enhance the fourth industrial revolution.

He also highlighted the many public-private partnerships that Brazil has made for public work, this is as reported by Felipe Montoro Jens.

The news portal of the Ministry of Planning and Management shows that PPPs are up in the Caribbean and Latin America. Felipe Montoro Jens indicates that in the past ten years, there have been many PPP projects valued at a staggering $360 billion.

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