George Street Photo & Video

March 31, 2017
By Rel

George Street Photo and Video is a company that specializes in wedding and engagement photography and videography. Their services ( are available in numerous locations, including Cleveland, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan.

George Street provides wedding and engagement photo and video services in some of the most beautiful areas in Cleveland, Ohio such as the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cultural Gardens, the Cleveland Public Library, Chagrin Falls, and Edgewater Park.

In Detroit, Michigan, George Street’s wedding and engagement photos and videos are captured in a larger variety of locations, such as The University of Michigan, the Kensington Metropark, the Grosse Ile Yacht Club, Downtown Detroit, Belle Isle, Nichols Arboretum, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Gallup Park, and Heritage Park.

To view the portfolio, pricing, availability, the style quiz, and more information about George Street Photo and Video, visit the George Street Wedding Photography & Video website at

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