Guiherme Paulus creates CVC Tour Company

September 24, 2018
By Rel

To be a successful business person, you must show exceptional dedication in pushing for what is “yours.” In today’s competitive world, it is easy to lose out on a business opportunity if you fail to show the right dedication to the business. It does not matter where you start, as long as the passion is there, you stand to gain from your ambitions. Making it in the business sector is all about identifying a gap in the market and making sure that you run with it to the end. Fulfilling the needs of the people will get your business running well. All successful business people have a similar story where they benefited from making decisions which proved profitable in the end. Find out more about Paulus at Exame.

One successful business person who can attribute his success to the decision he took to follow his passion is Guilherme Paulus. When he was starting out his career, he was never part of the hospitality industry, which he has dominated extensively in Brazil, he was a computer technician, but opportunities kept on knocking through the interactions he had with players in the hospitality industry. Guilherme Paulus finally decided to quit his job and join the new industry. He started at a travel agency serving as a travel salesman in his 20’s. This move would prove profitable for him alter. He gained more experience in the industry and initiated efforts to set up his own company.

As a salesman, Guilherme Paulus established a significant relationship with major players in the hospitality industry. The people he interacted with encouraged him to make a move and try creating his company, and surely he did. At the age of 24, he created CVC Tour Company. He aimed to bring new ideas to the Brazilian tourism industry. He was tired of the poor services that were being offered by many companies and believed that he has the solution to the problems that people were encountering. He implemented revolutionary ideas which saw tourists coming into the country enjoy world-class services. With this initiative, Guilherme Paulus created a multi-billion company, which is the largest in the country right now.

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