HGGC’s Success And Hopes For The Future

January 30, 2019
By Rel

Combining their business acumen with their aptitude for finance, Steve Young, Rich Lawson, and Lance Taylor fused entrepreneurial forces in the name of establishing their eminence in the financial domain. As a result, HGGC came to fruition. Since its inception, this private equity firm has become the yardstick for industry excellence. Offering services abound, HGGC specializes in add-on acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, and industrial services. Touted as a leading middle-market firm, HGGC seeks partnerships with management teams, founder-owners, and sponsors in hopes of creating a diverse clientele. As strong advocates of collaboration, Young, Taylor, and Lawson enjoy their legion of varied clients.

Striving to “build middle-market businesses that outperform the market,” Young, Lawson, and Taylor put a premium on surpassing the competition. Given the company’s illustrious status as a top-tier PE firm, these titans of industry have undoubtedly proven competent. Above all else, these three entrepreneurs strive to arm portfolio companies with a robust line of tools that ensure enduring success. To date, HGGC’s created 116 portfolio investments, executed $19 billion worth in transactions, and worked with over 62,000 portfolio company employees. These impressive figures bespeak the organization’s well-oiled operations. Young attributes their success to their undying desire to innovate.

Young maintains that ingenuity is the hallmark of his corporation. It’s for this reason why HGGC’s incorporated ultramodern concepts into their systems. The most recent practice they’ve adopted is advantaged investing. The purpose of advantaged investing is to gain insight into investor-operator connections. Young states that HGGC continues to benefit from this strategy and hopes to institute new operations within the near future. These days, Young, Lawson, and Taylor are making admirable efforts to diversify and extend their influence beyond North American roots. Though their goal has yet to materialize, they’re incredibly proud of the impact they’ve had on their loyal clients.