How George Soros uses his Wealth to Improve the World

October 25, 2017
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George Soros is a globally recognized philanthropist who has improved the lives of millions of people. He is also a businessman and has made a fortune from the finance industry for the past four decades. The billionaire owns Soros Fund Management, which is among the most successful hedge fund companies in the United States. He was born to middle-income Hungarian parents and lived in Hungary up to the late 1940s. George Soros then moved to the United Kingdom and joined the London School of Economics. He had to work at a railway and a bar to get money for his tuition fees. Soros relocated to New York after graduating and got a job as a hedge fund manager. His career was a success, and he was later able to establish the Quantum Fund, which was his first company. The billionaire has also accumulated significant wealth from currency speculation and made $1.5 billion from the Bank of England in 1992. The principal business that he currently runs is Soros Fund Management, which owns assets that are worth about $30 billion and what George Soros knows.

The outstanding charity work of the George Soros has made communities across the world to appreciate him. The billionaire has been named as one of the most generous people on earth since he has offered over $12 billion to charity and George Soros’s lacrosse camp. He opposed George Bush’s re-election and gave $24 million to fund about 500 organizations that were campaigning against him in 2004. He has supported various activities of the Democratic Party. In 2012, the businessman gave $1 million to Priorities USA to facilitate the re-election campaigns of President Obama. He headed the finance committee of Ready for Clinton, which was established in 2013. George also supported Hillary Clinton’s election by giving Priorities USA $7 million in 2015 and $2.5 million in 2016 and more information click here.

The billionaire’s wealth was estimated to be about $24billion in February 2017, and the Forbes Magazine ranked him as the 19th richest individual. He makes millions of dollars annually from Soros Fund Management and is considered among top earners in the hedge fund industry. Soros owns a charity that is known as Open Societies Foundation. The organization currently comprises of several nonprofit foundations that have been striving to improve the lives of the less privileged people across the globe. George Soros has done many commendable things including funding the university education of black South Africans in 1976. The billionaire gave an education grant that supported the discriminated individuals to attend the University of Cape Town. The South Africans were empowered and later had the ability fight against the oppression caused by the apartheid rule. The Open Societies Foundation’s work has transformed the world by supporting the minority communities. It continues to ensure that governments do not oppress their people and Follow him

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