How Success Academy Charter Schools Helps Kids Succeed Educationally

June 11, 2017
By Rel

Success Academy Charter Schools is a network of privately operated schools in New York City. They have schools for elementary, middle school, and high school students. Despite having predominantly students who come from lower-income families, the educational results at Success Academy schools surpasses those of public school students, even those from affluent families.

The Success Academy schools have become so popular that in 2016 they had 17,000 students apply for only 3,017 available seats in their classrooms.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Success Acadamy Charter Schools, Eva Moskowitz, has said that she dearly wants to help more students by providing more space for them. Unfortunately, the people at New York City Hall are not cooperating in allow more Success Academy locations to be opened. Many parents are stuck sending their children to a poorly performing public school rather than getting them into the Success Academy. Despite the headwinds, two more Success Academy schools are slated to being opened in 2017.


Like many public school systems around the nation, the public schools in New York City are failing at their mission to provide a good quality education to the students who attend them. Charter schools like Success Academy play a vital role in giving families a better option to achieve successful educational results.

Since its founding in the mid-2000’s, Success Academy now operates 41 schools across the city of New York and in every borough with the sole exception of Staten Island. Their schools have 14,000 children enrolled. 95% of the children at Success Academy schools are a minority and 77% come from a low-income family.
Eva Moskowitz and the other administrators of Success Academy hold their staff and students to a high level of educational achievement. Students are challenged in a variety of ways and are highly encouraged to be intellectually curious. The school’s have numerous chess clubs, math clubs, and other organizations that keep kids engaged and learning.

In May 2017, a team of 136 Success Academy students attended the United States Chess Federation’s Chess Supernationals VI. Some of the Success Academy teams proudly had great success against top national chess players.

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