Inside The Mind Of Shervin Pishevar

In his 21 hour flurry of tweets, Shervin Pishevar made statements and predictions that we would all be wise to pay attention to. For awhile now, he has advocated for an increase in transparency in our society. In his opinion, our financial and government institutions will be hit with a shift that is a once in 1000 year occurrence.

Shervin Pishevar feels that quantitative easing has lost its effectiveness due to being overused and therefore won’t be much benefit to recorrect the market that is likely to continue to slip. He blames tax giveaways, rising interest rates and rising credit account deficits for the continuation of losses. He disagrees with those who say that our economy in the United States, separated from the global economy, is and will continue to do well.

The downturn of Bitcoin is not over, but it will begin to stabilize and embark on a slow, steady rise in the coming months, according to Shervin Pishevar. He says that Silicon Valley has lost some of its competitive edge. The number of US based start-up companies is shrinking, leaving too much power in the hands of big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft.

Our government has allowed the US infrastructure to crumble and decay while other countries have, for the most part, kept theirs maintained and in good working order. Shervin Pushevar sites the example of a train station that was built in China in 9 hours. That sort of speed of execution is unheard of in our country because of the short term thinking of those in government and running companies here.

We are offered some hope for the financial future by Shervin Pishevar. While he warns of unstable conditions, he appears to be telling us that, though there is a potential for failure, there is also an opportunity for a fresh, more egalitarian economy to emerge in the future. Basically, Shervin Pishevar has concluded that when the time comes that all the middlemen are no longer relevant, then it will be possible for us to have a global economy that works more smoothly and efficiently.