Jason Hope Donates to Combat Aging

September 26, 2018
By Rel

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has his eye on the future. He is always looking for investment opportunities in the technologies that will lead the way to a better tomorrow. Mr. Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University holding both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from that institution. Soon after graduation, he created a technology company. Currently, Mr. Hope has an investment portfolio that is made up of a number of important technology companies.

Jason Hope is firmly committed to living a life devoted to important philanthropic pursuits. Since he is a person who is forward looking, he wants to be involved with charities that have set their sights on improving the world for humanity in the years to come. He wants to support organizations that are on the cutting-edge of technology. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

One of the groups that Jason Hope is supporting in a substantial way is the SENS Foundation. This organization is devoting its efforts to finding a way to prevent the diseases and conditions that are associated with the aging process. The SENS Foundation doesn’t just want to find cures for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the SENS Foundation wants to discover the scientific breakthroughs that can stop diseases like this from setting up in the human body in the first place.

Recently, Jason Hope has donated $500,000 to the efforts of the SENS Foundation. With this large and generous donation, the SENS Foundation hopes to further its efforts in the anti-aging area. Dr. Aubrey de Grey who is the CSO of the SENS Foundation stated that the foundation will use Mr. Hope’s gift to work on preventing arteriosclerosis. According to Dr. de Grey, arteriosclerosis occurs when extra-cellular material in the body loses its elasticity. The foundation is trying to discover a way to help the body to maintain its cellular elasticity and thus prevent hardening of the arteries.

Jason Hope is a firm believer in the mission of the SENS Foundation. He will continue to be a sponsor of futuristic attempts to improve the future of the human race.

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