JD’s Solution For Small Businesses

December 24, 2018
By Rel

The JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution is a cloud-based technology tool used for supply chain solutions for small businesses. The management solution was developed by e-commerce, JD.com. Many small businesses, across China, are upgrading their supply chains to the JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution, while the system helps businesses to increase numbers of orders and customers, which will ultimately improve efficiency. The RaaS strategy or JD’s Retail Service, opens the technology and infrastructure services for merchants. The product will also help companies lease warehouse space to third-party businesses. This will maximize the use of real estate, creating the industry of China cities to be more efficient.

The complete system was designed and created for JD’s nationwide network, delivering over ninety percent of orders the same or next day. While companies enjoy using JD’s smart supply chain, more predominant solutions are made for merchants. The management system program will be used to help partners predict inventory, to make proper supply and demand decisions, and to organize warehouse layouts. JD also will provide helpful training programs to the partner employees. The training is geared to help with the improvement of assessments and operational deadline standards. The JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution shows a positive strategy to help build more businesses, while improving service.

To date, in China, over hundreds of partner warehouses are using JD’s management solutions. Zhongshang is a warehouse operator in Sichuan. He was able to expand his facilities by using the management solution, completing over eight thousand of daily orders. Another service partner, Juzi, focuses on promoting daily needs, cosmetics and maternal items. He has upgraded his system to JD’s solutions, and saw orders increase by four hundred percent. The JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution continues to serve as a powerful resource for all businesses. The advanced technology, helps support the growth, efficiency, and solutions for nationwide merchants and third tier cities of China.

Details JD via Twitter : https://twitter.com/jd_corporate