Jennifer Walden-the Doctor, the Author, the Life Changer

August 7, 2018
By Rel

Jennifer Walden is originally from Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas. Following her fellowship as an aesthetic surgeon in Manhattan, she had her own practice in New York City. In 2011, Dr. Walden returned to her hometown.

There are very few women in the field of aesthetic surgery. In a field, predominately male, Dr. Walden is making waves. She is even a co-author on a book, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Being female, Dr. Walden actually thinks it helps her business, not hinders. She knows that 91% of cosmetic surgeries are done on females. It certainly makes it easier on female patients to speak to a female doctor. There are insecurities that male surgeons don’t always appreciate. Some female patients are more comfortable knowing that another female is helping them change their appearance and have a different level of trust in Dr. Walden’s opinion of how the augmentation will look when finished. Patients tend to worry more that male doctors have a predisposed appearance they are always trying to achieve, not all female patients are trying to achieve the look of the classic “Barbie doll”.

In returning to Austin, Dr. Walden was prepared for a slow start to her business. New York is known to be a bit more of a cosmetic surgery seeking metropolis. Quickly, she realized, there are women in every town looking for help with their insecurities. In no time at all, her business was well on it’s way to being very busy.

Dr. Walden took numerous psychology classes and women’s studies while doing her undergrad, so she relates better to the women that are seeking her help. As a doctor, she simply wants to help women feel better about themselves.