Jeunesse Global Reveals New Additions to its Product Portfolio

January 31, 2018
By Rel

One of the biggest stories in the health and beauty industry over the last few years has been the explosive rise of Jeunesse Global to worldwide prominence. Founded in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global had humble beginnings. Founded out of the couple’s sprawling Florida mansion, Jeunesse quickly went from being a hobby meant to pass the time of a retired couple into being an unstoppable juggernaut of the global health and beauty business.

Both Ray and Lewis were no strangers to the boredom that often comes with retirement and the idle hours that are its inevitable consequence. This is especially true for people used to being in the action. Both Ray and Lewis had successfully built dozens of highly valued enterprises throughout their career. Although they wanted to spend more time with their grandkids, friends and sharing each other, the couple quickly ran headlong into the realization that their happiness and even their identity largely rested on the entrepreneurial journey. For Ray and Lewis, the destination would always be just a new point to embark from.

It was thus that the couple founded what would become one of the most dominant players in the health and beauty space. With Ray’s ability to recruit and sell and Lewis’ proven skills at running the business end of things while creating groundbreaking products, it wasn’t long before Jeunesse Global entered a phase of exponential growth.

One of the company’s secrets to such rapid success was its ability to quickly get to market new and highly innovative products that addressed specific market niches. One of these products has been the company’s mental-performance-enhancing drink called M1nd. The drink contains a unique patented molecule simply known as Cera-Q. This was developed by research scientists on behalf of Jeunesse Global, which owns all global intellectual property rights to its use.

M1nd is the only product of its kind to have ever been created. The drink has been demonstrated to increase attention span and sharpen mental focus, enabling users to get the most out of their productive hours. It is only available through Jeunesse distributors.