Jose Hawilla and the Makings of a Businessman

January 31, 2018
By Rel

Jose Hawilla is a businessman from Brazil that has established the sports marketing corporation of Traffic Group. The businessman is from Sao Paulo and initially started a career in sports journalism. In 1980, Jose went into business and founded his agency. The company is now worth billions of dollars.

While there are thousands of successful companies, there are just as many that have failed. Not everyone has what it takes to grow their business and get it going. According to a study from 2016, the countries with the highest entrepreneurial index in the world are the United States with 86.2 percent, Canada with 79.5 percent, Australia with 78 percent, and Denmark with 76 percent. After that follow countries such as Sweden, Taiwan, Iceland, and Switzerland. These are the countries that the Global Entrepreneurship Index listed at the top.

Being an entrepreneur like Jose Hawilla is an attractive notion to almost every person, but many are just not cut out for that. Starting your own business and more importantly, maintaining it and even growing it depends vastly on the type of person you are. Entrepreneurship is driven by personality, and it takes many skills that you have to amass while handling the business. In other words, many have to wing it at first as not everyone goes through business education. Check out traffic to see more.

The world of business can be both liberating but also very treacherous. Often it is not for the feign of heart. Overall, there are several key attributes that entrepreneurs commonly possess. Motivation and drive are first and foremost as it makes them get up every morning and jump back into it even after a failure. Another important trait is the desire for freedom and independence. Some people feel comfortable knowing that there will be a paycheck at the end of the month while others just want to do it all themselves and risk their financial stability and give it a go. You can visit Estadao to see more.

To be a successful entrepreneur, the person also has to be quick on their feet. They need to have fast business reflexes, think ahead, and figure out all the ways they can go wrong, and then fit them. Business is no easy job, and it requires dedication.

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