Krishen Iyer, the Intellect behind Managed Benefits Services’ Success

October 15, 2018
By Rel

Managed Business Services (MBS), formerly known as Quick Link Marketing is one of the giant marketing consultancies that serves California’s healthcare industry. MBS was founded by Krishen Iyer, the brain behind other successful companies like MNP Insurance, and Iyer Real Estate Holdings.


A Brief Overview of Krishen Iyer’s Managed Business Services

Iyer’s Managed Business Services functions as a marketing and insurance agency. MBS cooperates with a qualified team of marketers who specialize in lead generation and digital marketing. It is one of the few lead generation agencies that serve California’s healthcare sector.


Where does Mr. Iyer generate his entrepreneurial ideas from?

According to an interview posted on, Mr. Iyer said that he generated his entrepreneurial ideas from Peter Lynch, Warren Buffet, and Benjamin Graham’s financial papers.


Warren Buffet is one of the world’s successful investor honored as the third-wealthiest person. He is the author of The Intelligent Investor, Security Analysis, Ten Commandments for Business Failure, and other insightful financial books and journals.


Just like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch is an intelligent investor, financial author, and business expert. Mr. Lynch is has written a series of business journals and books.

The late Benjamin Graham was a respected economics professor and investor. As an accomplished value investor, Mr. Graham authored several papers about diversification, activist investing, as well as investor psychology.


What are Krishen Iyer’s accomplishments in California’s business industry?

Iyer is a gifted business manager. In 2015, his company MNP Insurance was ranked in the Inc. 5000 list. The weekly magazine features some of the rapidly-growing companies in the United States. His insurance agency employed innovative tactics to meet their client’s unique needs.

Besides running businesses, Krishen Iyer is an active philanthropist who funds charity organizations that support central causes like health and disaster management. He backs the Make-A-Wish Foundation and other charities working in Haiti.