Lime Crime Gains More International Love

September 12, 2018
By Rel

Lime Crime is known to be trendsetters with their cosmetics that standout due in part to their fashion-forward beauty and playful charm. They have redefined the way people perceive makeup by creating a nostalgic experience in their unique designs and creations. They understood, to set themselves apart in this saturated cosmetic market they had to be more innovative and creative. This exceptionality would be reflected in how their makeup would be packaged, the color combinations, and product names.

The company has also been known to be a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand which rejects the notion of misusing and abusing animals to test and create beauty products. They created an animal-friendly culture within the company, with most employees having either adopted or fostered animals. With more consumers becoming environmentally conscious, this strong credence in creating vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics has made them tremendously more appealing to the vegan beauty market. In the UK studies revealed that in the past year there has been a 38 percent increase in sales of vegan beauty products. Making this the perfect environment for a brand of this nature to flourish and succeed.

Lime Crime has turned into a worldwide marvel, with consumers from Los Angeles to Singapore and London adoring their brand. Their popularity has gained attention from big retailers such as Riley Ross, Bloomingdales and, where it positions as the leading cosmetic brand in their stores. The recent acquisition by Tengram did not bring about any major changes, but more supported and enhanced the current growth strategy. They decided to continue focusing on their online presence, while pursuing other retailers to carry their brand.

The future looks bright for Lime Crime and through their unceasing originality and innovation, they are truly shaping up to be tough contenders in the cosmetic world.