Louis Chenevert’s advice to business managers

May 29, 2018
By Rel

Louis Chenevert is a successful businessman. His biggest accomplishment is managing one of the biggest conglomerate businesses in the world known as United Technologies Corporation. This company has businesses worth billions of dollars under it. To be the overall head of such a company does not come easy, one must show commitment and dedication to succeed. Louis Chenevert took over the management of this company in 2008 when the global economy was in a crisis. He succeeded to lead the company during the turbulent times until 2014 when he left the company.

Before he was appointed the CEO, he had served for about a decade as the of Pratt & president Whitney, which is one of the conglomerates under UTC. It is at Pratt & Whitney where he proves his managerial skills. As the president of the company, he oversaw a huge transformation in technology. The aerospace company became a producer of the most efficient jet engines. When he was appointed the CEO, he invested more into the aerospace industry and even led to the innovation of the best jet engine currently- a geared turbofan jet engine. It has less environmental pollution than others, and it’s also fuel efficient.

Now that Louis Chenevert has left the company, there are important business lessons that we can gather from his work in the company. One of the most important lessons is about investing in the right sectors. The most important sector of any company is the human resource. The employees are the backbone of any business. If you have the right employees, then as a business manager you will have easier time managing. However, if there are employees who do not share in the head of the company, then there will be a problem. When choosing employees, a manager should be careful. Only those who are ready to stick with the goals and objectives of the company should be let in.

Louis Chenevert advice business managers to avoid employees with a negative attitude. This is the most lethal problem that you can have as a manager. A negative attitude will take away all the gains made by those with a positive attitude. So, as a manager, you should make the right call to eliminate negative energy as soon as it is detected.