Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX Platform Tokenizes In-Game Assets

February 12, 2019
By Rel

The WAX platform is here and is offering gamers the ability to trade and sell their digital wares. Worldwide Asset eXchange is the new player to player network from Malcolm CasSelle and OPSkins. It is able to offer cross-game trading through the use of decentralized markets. This would normally be a risky enterprise but WAX uses blockchains to ensure safe and secure activity. Blockchains are able to create smart lists from their long strands of data, lists that allow vetting and confirmation.

WAX is an innovative new platform introduced by CEO and President Malcolm CasSelle. it is designed to finally offer players monetary trade value for their virtual assets, and could very well spell mainstream access for cryptocurrency. CasSelle, who also serves as CIO for WAX’s parent company OPSkins stated that WAX had great potential for mainstreaming cryptocurrency. Investors are watching the industry intently, as it is close to mainstream already. Allowing gaming assets to become actual trade mediums is a big step in that direction. WAX is able to pull it off with tokenization.

Tokenization allows gamers to affix value to their virtual assets. Namely a price. Virtual assets and in-game currency can be tokenized and assigned values for barter or sale. It is an innovation that steps up the quality of online content, and legitimizes streamed purchases.

Malcolm CasSelle has been involve in the digital industry since 1995. He was present at the birth of the world wide web and has managed numerous start ups and companies within the webs spectrum. CasSelle is a graduate of MIT with a bachelors in computer science. He is also an alumni of Stanford University with a masters in computer sciences. His first company was called NetNoir and it had the privilege of being selected for AOL’s Greenhouse Program. Before gracing OPSkins with is expertise CasSelle was CTO President of New Ventures at Tronc Inc.

As CIO of OPSkins CsSelle has been instrumental in aiding the company become a global leader in virtual commodities. CasSelle is also an early stage investor in Bitcoin, Zynga, and Facebook.