Meet the People Behind AvaTrade in this Review

March 23, 2018
By Rel

AvaTrade, which was founded under the name AvaFX in 2006, is based out of Dublin, Ireland. It is a platform that offers consumers a trading platform for bitcoin, bonds, commodities, equities, and more.


AvaTrade’s main headquarters is located in Dublin, Ireland, but it has offices in cities all across the globe. It has offices in Milan, Paris, France; Shanghai, China; Nigeria; South Africa; Tokyo, Japan; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; and Sydney, Australia. AvaTrade has an international and multilingual customer support staff and are available 24 hours, 5 days a week.


When traders are looking for new brokerages, the only thing they are concerned with is if it is legit. AvaTrade holds licenses in the European Union, British Virgin Islands, Australia, South Africa, and Japan.


AvaTrade is an award-winning organization and have received Best Customer Support, Best Alert System and Best Financial Derivative Trading Provider awards during its existence.


The People Behind AvaTrade


Daire Ferguson is the CEO of AvaTrade. Ferguson attended the University College Dublin and Lindenwood University where he attained his degrees in Computer and Business. Previously he was involved in the pharmaceutical industry with a company called Bristol Myers Squibb. He joined AvaTrade back in 2008. This is not his first time being involved in the financial industry, however. He has also worked in the forex industry as part of several large international banking firms in the United Kingdom.


Joseph Seery has nearly 30 years of financing experience in several different industries and now serves as CFO of AvaTrade. Seery is a member of the CIAEW and attended the University of Limerick, Ireland where he obtained a degree in Business Studies. He first put his degree to use in 1991 with Cooper and Lybrand, but he soon moved on to better a better position with Trintech Technologies. He served as CFO of Harkness Screens just before joining AvaTrade.

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