Mr. Todd Lubar’s Take on the Real Estate Industry

For more than two decades, Mr. Todd Lubar has been involved in various capacities in the real estate market. He also has a wealth of knowledge in credit and finance, which puts him in a high position to serve those wanting to try out the real estate venture. Currently, he is the president of the TDL ventures. In his position, he is determined to move this firm to the next level. Furthermore, he is an owner and an operator of various enterprises that are related to real estate operations. As one of the mortgage originators, he relies much on sale to improve his bottom line. He has also been very passionate to improve the lives of others in his community.


His Talk on Real Estate Trend

According to Mr. Todd Lubar, the continuous increase of the young professionals in the economy is undeniable. As such, there is also increase and diversified needs for apartment options. For instance, there has been a developmental change whereby the real estate owners and developers are turning old buildings to hip livings and renewed opportunities for the city residents. This move has resulted in an increased number of condominiums and apartments options.


Furthermore, the measures that have been put in place to improve the public transport are also significant milestones. This move will see more people who want to live in downtown live a more hustle-free life. Considerably, the cost of living in these cities is not expected to grow ominously. However, the apartments meant to hold the young professionals would be required to have sophisticated amenities. Such apartments should also allow the young professionals to work and even play nearby.


Accounts That Follow These Trends

According to Mr. Todd Lubar, the future expects more development based on the current trends. Currently, many revolutions are underway, which entails digitalization, demographic, technology, the cultural norms and other undertakings. As such, as an investor, you will need to keep an eye on various issues to stay afloat in the market. For instance, he advocates that for the populated areas, tiny living spaces and mobile living will be an ideal option. Such trends are likely to become norms in the big cities thus driving up the existing apartment stocks as well as the operating income.


Furthermore, Mr. Todd labar notes that, while the peer-to-peer crowdfunding and lending gain momentum, those looking for broad diversification or passive ventures will probably find their solutions in the fractional investment. In the past, we have witnessed an increased pace in this initiative, and the future is likely to see more individuals parting ways with the sole ownership to be part of the fractional ownership through crowdfunding.