OSI Food Solutions Has Demonstrated Commitment In Several Areas Over The Last Few Years:

September 17, 2018
By Rel

Whether it is providing help in developing a new and innovative menu or something as complex as making sure that food processing facilities are run in a way that ensures their environmental sustainability, OSI Food Solutions has become the name that their countless customers have come to rely on for over a century. The company is one of the world’s most successful food processing and wholesale distribution firms and services high profile accounts such as KFC and McDonald’s just to name few. OSI Food Solutions might have started out as no more than a local butcher shop back in 1909 when Otto Kolchowsky founded the company shortly after immigrating from Germany, but today the firm is located across seventeen countries internationally and has processing facilities that number into the high sixties. The company is also a consistent award winner and has been making major efforts at further expansion over the last handful of years.

Europe has been an area of the world that OSI Food Solutions has been zeroing onto over the last few years in terms of expansion. The company has really been making some major efforts to increase its market share in this critical area of the world. To that effect, OSI has made several critical acquisitions and has also made some major expansions in existing operations. The OSI acquisitions of Baho Food and also Flagship Europe are major moves in the overall plan to expand European operations for OSI. Creative Foods Europe is the way that Flagship Europe has been rebranded . Acquiring this great Dutch company and this great British company will massively increase the options that OSI can provide its customers. The other major move in the European market that OSI Food Solutions has completed is the company’s improvement program in Toledo, Spain. The company operates a really critical processing operation in that region and has recently doubled chicken production as part of these major improvements that have been made. The ability for OSI to better serves customers in Spain and Portugal has been greatly increased.

OSI has also brought in a couple more awards that it can add to the trophy case. The Globe of Honour for 2016 was won by OSI Food Solutions due to the company’s demonstrated devotion to the highly important cause of environmental sustainability. The same year, OSI’s own Sheldon Lavin won the Global Visionary Award as a testament to his outstanding career as the head of OSI Food.