Paul Mampilly: Predicting the Future

February 12, 2019
By Rel

Every new year ends with market experts trying to predict what will happen next year. At the end of 2018, every “expert” is sharing her or his personal opinion, but whom should people listen to. Judging by their reputations and experience, experts can all seem the same. One great way of telling the difference is to look at why they’re offering their opinion. Most are trying to sell something or attract attention to something. Paul Mampilly shares his financial advice because he wants to help mainstream Americans achieve financial stability. Mampilly worked on Wall Street for over 20 years, and he got sick of assisting affluent people to gain more wealth.

He left Wall Street to help Joe Average find a better way to pay his bills and prepare for retirement. Financial advisor Paul Mampilly, unlike other advisors, often offers his predictions through blogs and online free interviews free of charge. His 2019 predictions have made some headlines ever since announced them. Reading his predictions, it’s clear that he knows what he’s talking about, and he’s easy to understand. Like his 2019 prediction about consumer reviews becoming more critical in 2019. Everyone already agrees that online reviews can make or break any company, regardless of how long it’s been around.

Less understandable predictions would include how today’s rocky politic condition can benefit businesses and investors. Given all the fighting happening in Washington, it’s easy for investors to forget that the Trump administration has set a lot of new business rules, making business more relaxed than ever. Because Democrats won the 2018 midterms, Congress will be too gridlocked to undo anything for a while. As always, Paul Mampilly says that technological advances will spiral higher than ever. He’s looked into IoT trends and VR for the last few years. IoT, the Internet of Things, has new technology coming in 2019 like edge computing. Paul Mampilly says virtual reality, though still unproven, is evolving faster than ever. According to Mampilly, there’s no better time to invest or change investment strategies than in 2019.