Playful Life Beneful Dog Food Sold at Walmart

September 4, 2017
By Rel

Beneful has a lot to offer in the way of dog food. They have dog food for all different types of dogs and ages and they also sell both dry and wet dog food types. If you have a dog that is extremely energetic and likes to play a lot and needs new food that will give him or her an energy boost than you should try Beneful Playful life dog food. Beneful Playful Life dog food can be found at Walmart for an affordable price that won’t break the bank. They also have multiple size bags of it so if you would rather buy a small bag to try it out with your dog you can.

Beneful Playful life can be found at Walmart in a 3.5lb, 15.5lb, and 31.1lb bags. The 3.5lb bag of Beneful Playful life would be the best size bag to buy if you just want to try out Beneful Playful life or if you are traveling somewhere with your dog, it costs around 5 dollars at Walmart. The 15.5lb and 31.1lb bag are good for keeping at home for daily feedings, which size bag you buy depends on the size of your dog and how long you want the bag to last until. The 15.5lb bag costs around 14 dollars at Walmart, and the 31.1lb bag costs around 35 dollars at Walmart. Beneful Playful life dog food is a dry dog food that is made with real beef and egg for dogs who are energetic or who may need an energy boost each day. Not only will Beneful’s dog food give your dog good nutrition but it will give your dog a protein rich nutrition for everyday strength that will last your dog’s lifetime. Don’t forget to look at your local Walmart for Beneful dog food.

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