Rocketship Public Schools Stand By Their Results Despite Some Biased Criticism:

January 27, 2019
By Rel

Founded during the 2006 calendar year, Rocketship Public Schools is an organization that was founded in order to bring out the full potential of today’s students. The guiding purpose behind the organization is to give each and every student the ability to pursue their dreams and to develop the potential that they have within themselves. Rocketship Public Schools considers this endeavour to be an absolute privilege. To the point, the organization runs a network of public elementary schools on a non-profit basis. These unique charter schools are modelled in a way that allows students to thrive. To accomplish this goal, Rocketship Public Schools partners with parents and brings in exceptional and dedicated educators.

Transparency is one of the core values that Rocketship Charter Schools prides itself in. This allows the network to deliver the best education possible to the student bodies that the organization serves. The organization is also not afraid to put up challenges to the status quo in order to create outcomes that have a significant impact on the lives of its students.

Rocketship Schools was recently the topic of a write up that was done by National Public Radio. The piece was presented on NPR’s blog for education. The long and the short of the story regarding this article is the fact that it left much to be desired in terms of being fair and balanced and was much more of an attack than a fair assessment of the work that the charter school network engages in.

The impressive test results that Rocketship Public Schools has attained was one of the major points of contention int he NPR work. The article cited former employees of the school that claimed that there was rampant re-testing going on and this was swaying the results in a positive light for Rocketship Public Schools. The problem with this is the fact that this criticism is in regard to tests that cannot be retaken as they are generated by state assessment systems that simply do not allow this. This was just one of many attacks that seem designed to attack the impressive results that Rocketship Public Schools have attained as seen here The problem is that these claims simply seem to lack any real weight behind them and leave the article coming off as a biased and unfair appraisal of Rocketship Public Schools and the education that students receive there.

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