Ronald Fowlkes: manager of Eagle Industries Limited

March 29, 2018
By Rel

Ronald Fowlkes, mostly interested in hockey and beliefs in team building. Has a medium blog where he posts articles concerning Hockey and current achievements in NHL. His latest piece was on Henry Lundqvist’s incredible accomplishment. He is the manager in Business Development and owner at First Spear. He is delighted to have worked as a Marine and alumni from the high-status school known as Army Jump. Partnered with the Police of St. Louis and a team leader in one of SWAT unit. Continuously in his life, he has come in contact with the First Spear, as a Marine, in his military and later in the police. He had the skills as he served with the army Products Sales, ITW and Eagle Industries as the Manager. The knowledge gained all through helps him to serve as the Manager of Business Development.

When interviewed, he was asked how he started up his venture and what motivated him to begin. Ronald Fowlkes responded saying that as he worked with the US military, he continuously came across First Spear gear which was well invented and lasted rigours. As a SWAT member, he still came across the equipment and thought he had to know more since it was made in his hometown. He says they have links with the DOD and the clients suggest them typically. Ronald Fowlkes response to his marketing strategy was that in most cases they attend trade shows, but because of the quality product the customers are the ones looking for the product hence they have more customers less marketing. On his success, he says that as a team leader he leads the others by doing what is right. In his venture he works best as he records the things that have been accomplished and the others not accomplished, the unaccomplished will be transferred to the next day.

When Ronald Fowlkes was asked what he does frequently and the advice to other entrepreneurs he said that one should be with the good. He says one should learn to supervise and at the same time assign the duty. He also suggests that one should appreciate others and learn from them since one person cannot produce all the answers. He claimed that his strategy in business is on the focus of customers, his team believes in doing more for the customer. He says that the most appropriate way to safeguard products is by patenting.