Securus Technologies Cracking Down on Inmate Violence

December 21, 2017
By Rel

As more inmates are being crammed inside the same tiny jail cells in prisons around the country, violence will continue to be on the rise. Part of the trouble is that many inmates who have enjoyed having a cell with one or two other inmates is now being forced to spend their days inside a smaller cell with more people they may not get along with. Tensions get heated quickly, and many of these inmates have resorted to violence to get their message out.


Not only are other inmates in the line of fire, but when violence erupts, officers, staff, and visitors to our jail are in danger too. My job as a corrections officer is to try and maintain order so everyone is safe, and this year with the help of Securus Technologies, we have been able to make some positive movement towards being a safer facility. This company created a call monitoring system used to listen more intently to when any inmate is on the jail phone. Not only can the LBS software scan that call, it can scan all the calls at the same time and alert my team if anything related to drugs, violence, gangs, or weapons is overheard.


Securus Technologies is based in Texas, the company already has the system to monitor inmate calls in over two thousand jails, and each employee of the company is committed to making the world safer. When we first got the system, it was incredible how quickly it tipped us off to trouble. When one inmate was overhead asking his little brother to bring their mother’s prescription medication to the visitor center, we intercepted the meeting and took that medication out of the jail immediately. This is allowing violence to decrease steadily in our facility until the overcrowded conditions are finally addressed.


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