Serge Belamant; Innovator and Businessman

February 2, 2019
By Rel

Technology has been a great asset to the world. This is because it has made a lot of work easy. It has even made the impossible possible.Block chain technology has greatly contributed to the invention of many things and also the discovery of many hidden secrets that were not discovered. It has played a great role in many important fields such as science and business. When talking about technology in business, it hard not to mention about Serge Belamant who is credited for the invention of block chain technology. Being born in France, he was raised in South Africa where he got a chance to acquire his high school education at Highland North High School.

He was a very active student in school and participated in sporting activities such as rugby, athletics, and chess. He was also awarded many awards for representing the school in sports competitions. He finally graduated from high school and got a chance to join Witwatersrand which is a renowned university in South Africa. He enrolled in an engineering course. However, after two years of study, he discovered he was not interested in the course rather; his own passion was in computer-related courses. Because of this, he switched his course and took Computer Science and applied mathematics. He later switched again to third-year courses on information systems. Serge Belamant never finished his studies rather he left school to get employed.

However, despite him not completing his studies, he was able to become a successful person. His first employment was at Matrix which was a civil engineering company that dealt with the making of computers. At the company, he was employed as an analyst in the computer software system. Serge Belamant has worked with many other big companies and has left nothing but positive records in every company he has worked for. Serge Belamant later decided to venture in the field of business where he founded his Net 1 company ; a company that greatly valued technology. The company successfully invented the blockchain technology which became very popular not only in South Africa but also the rest of the world. Blockchain has been regarded by many as the future of finance and banking sector due to its efficiency and also saving of time.

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