Stream Energy: A Beacon of Light in the World of Charity

Stream Energy is a clean energy company that devotes their time to the efforts of good business and honest sales despite an increasingly competitive marketplace. Their business is something to take pride in but so is their uncanny ability to make an impact on their community through donations to charity. The most recent and perhaps the most prominent instance was that of the Hurricane Harvey disaster. This storm plagued many Americans in the Dallas area and increased the number of people in need and who were homeless substantially. The forces of nature cannot be controlled, but our kindness, on the other hand, has no limits.

This is Stream Energy’s mentality when it comes to the work they provide for the Hope Supply Company. This company provides many meals and means for the recovery effort of the storm and continues to this day to give generously to those who couldn’t help but be washed away by over 50 inches of rain which decimated their homes and businesses. Stream Energy sought to put an end to the suffering by investing their time into their community.

This quality can be hard to come by at a genuine level but Stream hits the nail on the head given the fact that it is about more than the money, it’s about the people and their well-being. They value and understand how crucial it is to have clean energy, but also to have a clean space to live. Given their generous donations, they have helped to uplift the lives of the homeless, and they have a special place in their heart for those who are less fortunate in the world.

Stream Energy has also paired in the past with other well-known and credible organizations such as the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity. Being genuine with the lives and needs of others in their community is just as important as providing excellent service through their door to door sales. They provide excellent customer service with the means to really give you the best for your money. As a business, they take pride in preserving their struggling community.