The Great Ronald Fowlkes.

February 19, 2018
By Rel

Ronald Fowlkes is known for his service to the country; he served the United States Marine Corps from 1989 to 1993. Ronald through that period was able to impress and was awarded two promotions. Mr. Ronald was able to serve in the first gulf war and therefore is a war veteran.


Ronald Fowlkes is a former student of Marine Corps School of Infantry where he did Marine Combat. At the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company, he gained the knowledge of basic engineering, U.S army Parachute School and later on NSFW Combat Diver School. Ronald served with the 1st ANGLICO where he was part of a small unit involved in Parachute Operations that included surveillance, air, and the naval gunfire objectives. The operations required the use of different types of both decrypted and encrypted radios and also laser designators.


Ronald also served as a defense contractor with JIEDDO, a company based in Iraq working with the US army. The duties Ronald had while working at Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization mainly comprised of infantry operations whether mounted or dismounted at the combat zone. Fowlkes also instructed the US army personnel during tactical operations, CQB and a hostage situation. The post-blast analysis and questioning individuals suspected of having information the services of Fowlkes were always employed to use.


Ronald has an impressive run of thirteen years’ experience in the law enforcement field. St. Louis County Metropolitan and St. Louis County Police Department is where Ronald served, ten years at St. Louis Metropolitan. Ronald was able to become the team leader of St. Louis Metropolitan’s HRT Unit in 2003 after seven years with the team. Ronald has since gained an instructors certificate in several tactics including a tactical rifle, shoot house, defensive, and SWAT/URBAN warfare.


The HRT is responsible for high-risk entries, barricaded subjects and hostage situations. The unit self-initiates investigations in case they are not deployed tactically. Ronald Fowlkes currently works at Eagle Industries which has specialized its services in Law Enforcement and Commercial Goods. The vast experience has given Ronald an exceptional understanding and awareness needed in his current position. Ronald is also a part-time hockey coach where he regularly coaches his son’s team.