The Leadership Of The OSI Group

October 25, 2018
By Rel

OSI Group is the leading food producer in the world. The company is currently under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin who serves as the chairman and CEO of the company. He has been serving in these positions for decades now.

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in 1975. Before that, he was working as an investment manager and bank executive. While he was working in the banking sector, Otto & Sons, now OSI Group, was seeking fund to grow their company. They had aggressive expansion plans that they needed to carry out, but they had no sufficient funds to accomplish that mission. Lavin was tasked by his bank to help the business access the funds. He made sure that there was a good deal on the table and Otto & Sons received the funds, the way he cried out the arrangement impressed even the ban, which requested him to join the food company. Sheldon declined the offer, accepting to serve only as a consultant to the food company.

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After facilitating the first payment, he continued playing a key role in the growth of the company. By 1975, the company was seeking fund for international growth. They wanted to expand the operations to other countries, and they needed the bank through Sheldon Lavin to support them. Seeing that there was more pressure even on the part of the management to deliver, Sheldon Lavin’s experience was needed in this industry. He joined the company on the role of a managing partner with equal rights as the other two partners. After Sheldon joined, the business was changed to OSI Industries. Now, OSI Group is the leading food company in the world.

After serving as a managing partner for a few years, the main client to OSI Group, McDonald’s, asked them to appoint Sheldon Lavin, the head of the company. He was supposed to make a fulltime commitment to the company and manage the operations of the company going forward. McDonald’s was also at the point of international expansion, and they needed a reliable hand handling the supply business at OSI Group. Mr. Lavin was made the chairman and CEO of the company, a position he has held till today. The other partners left the company at different times, leaving him as the only director.

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