The Oxford Club: 3 Decades of Helping People With Finance

March 23, 2018
By Rel

Oxford Club is a global, private entrepreneur and investor network. It uses time-tested and unique principles and investment strategies to outperform ordinary returns while continuously beating the market across various asset classes. The recommendations covered by the organization are bonds, equities, precious metals, options, funds, currencies and real estate.


Oxford Club’s Investment U was built for the purpose of helping its members generate long-term, extraordinary wealth and enjoy a prosperous lifestyle.


Established in 1989 within Baltimore, Maryland, Oxford Club creates specialized analyses in trading ideas and market trends, with skillful strategists giving Members investing recommendations and information based on those concepts. The Oxford Club has almost 30 years of investment and business experience including an editorial staff directed by Chief Strategist of Investments and New York Times bestselling writer Mr. Alexander Green.


Oxford Club and Investment U boasts over 157,000 members scattered over 131 countries.

The companies beginnings go back to the group named “The Merchants & Brokers Exchange.” Which was a multinational businessman’s organization established in the 70s by Gary Scott, who sold mutual funds and insurance as an American in Hong Kong. This was during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and businessmen from the west in Hong Kong liked meeting together to trade information regarding what was happening. Scott regulated the group later expanding the group to London.


During the mid-80s, Scott relinquished control of the group to the Chief Executive of Agora, Inc., Bill Bonner who led a worldwide travel and financial publishing company based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Bonner modified the group’s name to be The Passport Club and then he hired current membership director and Thunderbird MBA graduate Julia Guth. Her duty was expanding the Club’s service portfolio and participation in local chapters.


Around this time, a Florida business and investment publisher was launching the financial newsletter by the name Oxford Club, whose worldwide readership had grown to 10,000. In 1991, The Oxford Club sold their interest to Bonner, who embraced the new Members who thought its new moniker created a sense of Old World tradition and charm. Bonner gave Julia the task of combining the greatest qualities of The Passport Club and Oxford Club while increasing them. Mark Nestmann is an international privacy and wealth protection expert and he was financial editor of the Oxford Clubs monthly investment newsletter called The Oxford Communique. In the beginning era of the Club, all communication was via mail only.