Tony Petrello’s Early Life

May 29, 2018
By Rel

Tony Petrello the Chief Executive Officer or the biggest oil drilling firm in the United States known as Nabors Industries. It has its headquarters in Texas, but its operations are all over the world. There are about 25 locations where the company is currently doing exploration and drilling work. Looking back at the history of this company, one clearly understand why Petrello is regarded as one of the best business managers in the world today.

In just two decades, he has managed to make Nabors Industries the biggest firm in the oil drilling industry as CEO. In about 15 years ago, the company was just a shell of what it is today. To understand why Tony Petrello has been successful as a business manager despite not holding any experience in business management before joining Nabors, one needs to look at his life story- from the day he was born. His success story is truly inspirational.

Tony Petrello was born and grew up in Newark, New Jersey. He was born into a humble family that could not afford t take him to best schools. He attended public schools, but that did not stop him from demonstrating his unique abilities. From a young age, he was straightforward and talked about topics he cared about with a passion. His childhood friends describe him as an extrovert- a person who could not fear to speak his mind. His personality stood out amongst his peers, and it was clear that he was talented than other kids.

When he joined high school, Tony Petrello caught the attention of his teachers and peers with outstanding performance in solving mathematical problems. He was so brilliant in math that he had could create his mathematical equations and prof them, something that was not common with any other student. Due to his incredible prowess in mathematics, he was spotted by the Yale University who gave him the scholarship to study a degree in mathematics. At Yale, he was mentored by Serge Lang, a professor of mathematics at the institution back then.

After completing his masters in mathematics, Petrello was no more interested in; he decided to jump ship and join law class. He joined the Harvard Law School. This decision surprised many people since they expected him to continue in the field of mathematics. What they did not know about Tony Petrello is that he wanted new challenges. He did not feel comfortable using his brilliance just solving mathematical problems. He wanted to contribute to solving human problems, and only the law field would give him this opportunity. After serving in the legal industry for some time, that is when he was hand-picked by Nabors industries as their chief operating officer.

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