Victoria Doramus Pledges Her Support for Organizations Such as the Best Friends Animal Society

November 13, 2018
By Rel

People encounter many challenges before succeeding in life. Victoria Doramus is one of the successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists who have come across many challenges in her life. Although Victoria Doramus was once a drug addict, she was able to recover from her drug addiction. As a drug addict, she came across other individuals who were undergoing the same problem. After her successful recovery, she realized the importance of helping other people.

Although Victoria Doramus has been helping other people suffering from drug addiction, she has also noticed that there animals who also need help. As a philanthropist, Victoria Doramus has been pledging her support to institutions such as the Best Friends Animal Society. The Best Friends Animal Society is one of the institutions that advocate for the end of animal killings in the animal shelters in America. These institutions achieve their goals by engaging in community programs and partnerships. Such team efforts play a significant role in safeguarding the animals.

The Best Friends Animal Society has been advocating for the rights of animals since the 1980s. Since unwanted pets such as cats and dogs were being killed as a means of disposal, the organization’s intervened to avoid the deaths of approximately 17 unwanted million animals annually. The group intervened by ensuring that the unwanted animals were taken to shelters where they were allowed to heal. In these shelters, these animals were accorded proper care and lots of love. Most of these animals were also adopted by loving families, and the rest of the animals were left to enjoy their stay in these sanctuaries that acted as their safe havens. Currently, the Best Friends Animal Society is a not-for-profit organization that relies on philanthropists such as Victoria Doramus who issue frequent financial donations.

Victoria Doramus (@victoria_doramus) pledges her support to the Best Friends Animal Society since she believes that animals should be loved despite being sick or old. The Best Friends Animal Society also believes that there will come a time when the animal shelters won’t engage in the killing of unwanted animals. At the moment, the Best Friends Animal Society is supporting more than 1,600 animals by ensuring that they are getting access to the necessary medical attention. Additionally, these animals are also getting the necessary love and care that helps them in recovering from their troubled past.