Waiakea Water Makes First Fully Degradable Water Bottle

Waiakea Water made a splash in 2012 when they announced they would be selling volcanic water from Hawaii. The name has Hawaiian origins, Waiakea meaning “broad waters” to represent the heritage of where the company was founded. The water bottling industry has seen a lot of controversy in the last decade with consumers pressuring companies to lower their carbon footprint.

Water bottles have been the poster child for environmental awareness with the United States alone producing over 50 billion plastic water bottles in the last year. Only 23 percent of the bottles were recycled leaving 38 billion plastic bottles to pollute the environment or being thrown away into landfills. With those numbers, the States aren’t considered the biggest producer of this water bottle waste, the largest contributors being the countries Vietnam, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The company Waiakea Water is working hard towards raising the standards of the water bottling industry by giving back to the community and taking steps to cut down on their carbon footprint. Three percent of their revenue goes towards nonprofit organizations and local community programs. When they sell a liter of their water they also provide a week’s worth of clean drinking water to the people in Malawi.

This dedication has earned them the title of being one of the most environmentally aware water bottle companies in the industry. This new standard sets a high bar for other companies to follow and change the way how they market and produce their own bottled water. The volcanic water company just announced in 2018 they’ve made the world’s first fully degradable water bottle that is made using 100 percent recyclable plastic. Plastic water bottles do degrade, but it takes one thousand years for the materials to break down. The plastic water bottle Waiakea water has made speeds up the process since they break down in fifteen years, a fraction of the time it takes for a normal water bottle to degrade.

The company has eclipsed others in the industry with their dedication to the environment and continuing to find ways to cut down on their carbon footprint. They were named the Inc. 500’s fastest growing company in America too for their continued excellence.