What Shervin Pishevar Said on Twitter

January 28, 2019
By Rel

If you are inclined to believe Shervin Pishevar’s opinions on the economy, you are likely preparing for a period of intense volatility. In fact, you may be looking to pull back form the market or change your investing strategy for the time being. Let’s take a closer look at what he had to say during a February 2018 Twitter rant that lasted for 21 hours.

Bitcoin Is Going Into Freefall

Shervin Pishevar said that Bitcoin is going to fall to at least $5,000 before it finds any support. He also says that the coin’s value could drop to $2,000 before it eventually starts going back up in value. If you don’t like to invest in stocks or bonds, Shervin Pishevar suggests that you put your money in gold.

The Stock Market Is Going to Fall Too

The stock market will lose 6,000 points according to Shervin Pishevar. This could mean that investors either give back recent gains or lose money that they have recently invested. Unfortunately, the bond market is also going to be choppy in the short-term, which means that there may not be a safe haven to turn to.

The Startup Landscape Is Changing

Startup companies tend to drive innovation and provide jobs for millions of Americans. However, it will be tougher to start a new company without eventually losing control of it to Facebook, Amazon or Google. The one potential upside is that advances in technology will allow a person to start a company from almost anywhere in the world.