Why The American Institute Of Architects Was Established

November 3, 2017
By Rel

The American Institute of Architects is a very old professional organization, having been founded in 1857 in New York City. Now found in Washington D.C., this organization helps its community of architects in a variety of ways. This includes government advocacy for this profession, education, public outreach, and community redevelopment. It also works with other groups in the building industry such as those representing construction workers and others.

When the American Institute of Architects was founded there weren’t any qualifications or education required for someone to call themselves an architect. This was obviously a huge problem that needed to be resolved because people that really didn’t know what they were doing, but calling themselves architects, was causing the profession to be disrespected by those wanting to use their services as well as the general public. After drafting the organization’s constitution and bylaws they set about putting standards in place for what exactly it meant to be an architect and what the requirements were to be. The organization in New York City was very successful in this mission and eventually chapters of the organization were established in many other cities around the United States such as Baltimore, Boston, St. Louis, Albany, and Chicago among others. Today over 90,000 licensed architects and associated professionals are members of the American Institute of Architects. They agree when signing up to a code of conduct and ethics which gives their clients and the public confidence that they are well-suited to being called an architect.

Robert A. Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer of this organization. He has been with the organization for several years and prior to that he was the editor-in-chief of Architectural Record which publishes several publications that appear in both print and/or online. He was also the editorial director and a vice president at McGraw-Hill Construction.

As a leader in the architectural industry, Robert Ivy has been bestowed a number of honors during his professional career. Chief among these is the G.D. Crain Award which he received in 2009. This award is presented to those who over their lifetime have made large contributions to editorial excellence within the business media industry.

Additionally, Robert Ivy has given many keynote speeches during his career. These have been given in both the United States and internationally. He is also a published author and wrote the book “Fay Jones: Architect” which has been hailed as a book meeting the highest standards. Read more on Big Event Registration: https://www.aiaaustin.org/content/honorary-dinner-robert-ivy-faia

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